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4 Tips to Not Look Like a Sports Newbie

So you’ve finally been invited to watch a sporting event with the fellas.  If you’re new to the world of superhuman athleticism and fierce competiveness in sports, it may seem a little intimidating to watch sports in a large group setting. To help you out, here are a few tips to ensure you won’t look like a newbie.

1. Do your homework – Follow the team’s records, memorize an interesting fact or story about a player or coach. You could provide everyone else with information that they didn’t know or it could be a great conversation starter. ESPN is a great way to start. The commentators are usually former athletes or coaches themselves and can have a very unique perspective on the game.

2. Bring a dish – A party is nothing without the food. Volunteer to bring an awesome dish, you’ll be surprised how much praise you’ll get for bringing the best nachos ever. Remember, your choice in food represents you so be sure to bring something great. Do you want to be the guy who brought the best wings ever or do you want to be known as the guy who just brought the ice?

3. Keep up with the game – Even if you don’t know what’s going on fully, pick a player and pay attention to what they are doing. Did they just miss a layup? Going to the free throw line again? What ever it is don’t just stare at the screen stay on track so that you will be able to answer if someone returns from the restroom and asks,  “What did I miss?”

4. Less is more – If you are new to the sport that you’ve been invited to watch, now is not the time to ask questions. There is a high chance that the other guests are die-hard, mascot welding, stat quoting, season ticket holding fans. Save your questions for Google.

By following these 4 simple tips you’ll be sure to come across as a pro and be invited to more sporting events with the guys.



An Interactive Sports Experience

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