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5 Reasons Why the Patriots Will Keep Tim Tebow

5 Reasons Why the Patriots Will Keep Tim Tebow

Aug 30, 2013

1) The Patriots NEED a positive locker room player. WIth the Aaron Hernandez sage still largely looming over the Patriot’s organization they need a player like Tebow to bring positive energy to the locker room.

2) He brings depth to the QB position and gives the Patriot’s options about who they trust more if Tom Brady were to go down with an injury. Tebow is known winner ever since his Pop Warner football days. While Mallet is an unknown talent and the Patriot’s are unsure whether they can trust their team with an unproven talent.

3) The Patriot’s would love the opportunity to get back at the Jet’s organization after they opened up the can of worms that was “Spygate”. If Tebow is on an NFL roster for opening day the Jets have to pay the rest of the contract that is owed to him. So don’t count out the idea that the Patriot’s keep Tim just to spite the Jets.

4) Josh McDaniels is the heir to the head coach throne when Bill Belichick steps down from the position. And bringing in Tebow has McDaniels’ fingerprints all over it. He drafted Tebow back in 2009 and ultimately fought for Tebow to play in Denver before he was fired. Keeping Tim may be the first step that Josh McDaniels takes towards being the next head coach.

5) Fans love him. It’s as simple as that. From a business aspect if he is on the team the Patriot’s fan base will sky rocket and the organization can make a boatload of money off of jersey sales for a 3rd string quarterback, not many teams can say that. The world renown business man, Robert Kraft, will push hard for Tebow to be on the team.

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