An Interactive Sports Experience

5 Ways to Get Your Mate into Sports {Part 2}

Most couples are the happiest when they have things in common. In many relationships, sports can be that one little thing that happy couples don’t share together.

3. Educate – Have a crash course in the sport of your choice. For example, Golf or Baseball 101. Teach her the fundamentals, the rules, the positions and the history of the game. It may seem juvenile but show her the differences between the home and away game uniforms. Let her in on who your favorite players are and who you’re hopeful about this season. She’ll be privy to know such information and this will warm her up more for the next two tips.

4. Play together – Get outside and toss the ball around for a little bit with your mate. Get out that notebook of hers (see tip 2) and physically answer her questions. Run a few plays, hit a few fly balls or simply teach her how to make a jump shot. Be sure to encourage her and give her positive feedback on her hits and misses. It will be a lot of fun and who knows it may spark an even bigger interest in her. Be sure not to get too rough with her though.

5. Attend a live game together – Start with something small like a minor league or little league game. This will help bring all of the things she’s learned full circle. She’ll be able to recognize when she hears certain plays and penalties called will be more interested in keeping up with the game. There is something special about watching your favorite sport up close.
These are just a few tips that can help get your mate interested in sports. The last tip is for you… keep an open mind. Be prepared for whatever outcome. At the end of day after using all the steps, she still may not be a die-hard fan like you but at least she’ll be knowledgeable enough to never root for the team you don’t like, decide whether a ball is in or out or be able to identify a putter from a driver. No matter what the outcome is, it’s not a waste of time or energy. Your mate isn’t the only one getting something out of it. Your mate is typically passionate about the things you are passionate about. You are creating memories and stories that can be shared for years to come.


An Interactive Sports Experience

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