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Another Day, Another Random LeBron James Stat

Another Day, Another Random LeBron James Stat

Nov 6, 2013

LeBron James is hands down the best player of this generation. Every time he plays he amazes us with his versatility that’s never been seen to this level. This guy can flat out ball. He’s won the last two NBA MVP awards (four overall) and has lead the Miami Heat to the last two NBA championships. Of course the media is obsessed with the guy, as he’s King James.

Now it is just me or does it seem like every week there’s always some random record that LeBron James has broken? Last night he joined elite company as he became the 5th player in NBA player to have 500 consecutive games scoring in double figures.  I like to call these “random ESPN stats”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll give an example, that’ll show you what I mean.

It’s right around the 4th quarter of an NBA game, let’s say about 8 minutes into the quarter. One team calls a 20 second timeout, so that means the broadcast crew isn’t going to commerical break. Thats perfect time for a random ESPN stat. Since this happens to LeBron almost once a week I’ll use him as example.

“LeBron James becomes the first player in NBA History to have:

25 points

15 rebounds

12 assists

3 blocks

3 steals

0 turnovers (ok and here’s the most important part)

In under 35 minutes of play.”

Last night was no different for LeBron as he’s now in another category where only him and Michael Jordan and few others reside. This is almost comical to me because it’s not just LeBron. Let a player have a breakout game, there will be some stat about how they’re the first person in NBA history to do this, that and that in this amount of minutes after only playing in this amount of games. The random ESPN stats are always fun to watch and come up constantly in this new twitter aged world.

Now I wonder, if stats weren’t taken down and evaluations came simply from eye observation of the game, how would we rank players?

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