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Derrick Rose is Back!

Derrick Rose is Back!

Oct 6, 2013

Yesterday the NBA preseason began, so we all got a little taste of NBA basketball again. When teams like the Rockets, Thunder, Pelicans, Lakers and Warriors all play on the same day, there has to be some excitement. Except none of those games mattered, the Bulls and Pacers game was we’re it was at.

The anticipated return of former MVP Derrick Rose was all that mattered. After famously sitting out all of last season, Rose had to show up last night. Since it had been over a year since we’ve actually seen Rose play nobody really knew what to expect. There was a question of would Derrick Rose be the same player when he came back? Well the crazy thing is I think Rose got better.

Right when the game began, Rose played just like I remember from his MVP campaign. It was pretty much like he never got injured at all, like last season was just a nightmare that we all had been living in the last year. Derrick Rose came back like he hadn’t gone anywhere.

The very first play for Rose was a statement. D-Rose drove right to the lane and went straight at Roy Hibbert. He missed the attempt but got his  own rebound and tipped it back in, in one sequence. The minute that happened I was full on convinced that Rose was back for good. Every time he got the ball he was a one man fast break. He was faster than everyone on the court and it was pretty obvious. Rose would be midway in the air on a layup before anybody would get back most of the time.

D-Rose showed off his lightning quick speed and no fear mentality. Rose would continue to keep going at Hibbert in the paint like he wasn’t the biggest man in the NBA. He showed off his athleticism by continuously showing no mercy on his drives. Rose only played 20 minutes and got 13 points. The Pacers looked pretty good but it wasn’t enough to stop the return. Preseason game or not, this was a huge step in the right direction for the Bulls.

I know I had written the Bulls off earlier. I told myself I wasn’t ranking them high until I see how Derrick Rose plays. Now I know not to count out my man Derrick Rose. He’s back baby, and he’s coming for every body. We might have another MVP season on our hands. Yes this man is that nice. If Rose can stay healthy the sky is the limit for the Chicago Bulls. Chris Paul better watch out because now that Derrick Rose has returned people might stop calling his the best point guard in the league. D-Rose’s return was the real deal, the Bulls will be somebody to watch this year.



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