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Does Brandon Jennings Mean the Pistons Are Back or Wack?

Does Brandon Jennings Mean the Pistons Are Back or Wack?

Jul 31, 2013

Since the Bucks didn’t want to pay him, Brandon Jennings will be joining the Detroit Pistons. After not getting the type of contract extension of his fellow draft peers, the Bucks will operate a sign and trade to relieve Jennings of his Milawaukee Buck duties and pick up Brandon Knight, Kris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov.

I feel sorry for Brandon Knight because the Bucks have looked very clueless this offseason and that’s the organization he’ll be joining. I do applaud the Bucks for at least getting something for Jennings as it was clear he wanted out and he would of definitely walked next offseason. The Bucks haven’t necessarily gotten any better this offseason but they haven’t got worse either. Jennings and his former backcourt partner Monta Ellis were known to take some bad shots and now they’ve replaced them two with OJ Mayo & Brandon Knight so too much won’t change.

As for the Pistons, I think that was good move. They got a solid point guard, even though he is a scorer more than a passer. The Pistons wanted to upgrade at the point guard spot and have done just that. To make things even better, the Pistons are getting Jennings for a lower price than he asked for and for only three years. I like this move but before we get too excited there was another move the Pistons made.

In my opinion, signing Josh Smith will come back to haunt the Pistons one day. I understand that they want to be a good team, everybody does, but this new little mini super team they’re creating is pretty wack with Smith as the center piece. You already have Brandon Jennings running the point and jacking up shots but now you have J-Smoove in the mix and probably playing small forward. That’s a scary thought.

The Smith signing would be an excellent one if the Piston’s didn’t have two great young bigs. Andre Drummond needs minutes, he’s a beast, the kid proved doubters wrong at the draft last year and proved to be a defensive star. Monroe on the other hand was the starting center before Drummond came into town and is versatile enough to move down to the power forward spot, only problem is that’s the position Josh Smith plays his best at. That means either play Smith at small forward and watch him throw up some crap or sit one of your young bigs and stunt their development.

Either way this new super team won’t work unless the new stars make some major adjustments to their game. Maybe the new environment will change Jennings to more of an all-around point guard, maybe Josh Smith will……..nope not even changing his game will help this, someone has to go. I respect the enthusiasm by the Pistons to try and make a splash but I just don’t think this one will work out like one would hope. They got to many players at one position and your point guard jacks, sound like a bad plan to me.


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