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Garbage Football: Eagles vs Panthers

Garbage Football: Eagles vs Panthers

Aug 16, 2013

Usually when it’s time to watch a game, I get the boys over and we get beers and kickback. Though beer isn’t the main aspect of the night because that’s definitely the game, but tonight that was not the case. I swear I had to get buzzed just to pay attention to the garbage NFL preseason game I watched. You already know who it was, the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Carolina Panthers.

You know a team is wack when they can’t even get a touchdown in the game and their only points came from field goals. So that means you guys can’t run, can’t throw and can’t catch. Oh yeah also that means your linemen aren’t doing their job and protecting the quarterback. You already know I’m talking about them Panthers, them sorry Panthers. Cam Newton is overrated man, I don’t care if it’s a preseason game or not, just plat decent man. The Eagles really aren’t that nice but you boys sure are making them look that way.

Even with Michael Vick not playing too much the Eagles were still the superior team. They at least got two touchdowns compared to the zero that the Panthers got. It was really annoying to see Riley Cooper out there too. After his racist remarks I really thought he would get suspended or something but I guess it doesn’t really make a difference when you’re not suspending a big piece of a team. Either way this was garbage football at its finest.

It’s funny because this article was written by the end of the 3rd quarter, nothing changed.

Final Score: Eagles 14, Panthers 9


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