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Is Lamar Odom Finished?

Is Lamar Odom Finished?

Aug 30, 2013

The last few years have shown Lamar Odom in the public eye in a not so positive way. Ever since Odom married a Kardashian, he became more of a celebrity and less of a basketball player. This summer hasn’t been any different for Odom as he’s been in the public light lately.

At first it was reported that he was on drugs. Then he was supposedly missing for 3 days, during the weekend. Then last night he was arrested on a DUI charge. It just doesn’t look like things are looking up for Odom.

Even his roster spot on the Los Angeles Clippers is gone. The Clippers were very interested in bring Lamar back but with all his troubles, they decided to go with their back up plan Antawn Jamison. That seemed like Odom’s best shot at joining a NBA roster. He could still possibly resign to the Los Angeles Lakers but that just seems like a waste of time.

I think Lamar Odom should just go ahead and retire. He’s had a good career but he’s just not the same player anymore. The Odom I remember was one of the most versatile players I ever saw. I remember watching him guard a center, rip down the rebound, bring the ball up the court, run a play then get the assist. The last few years though, I see Odom run down the court, attempt to play defense, foul the other player, then do nothing on offense.

Lamar Odom’s personal issues are a contributing factor to my opinion but overall I think it’s time for him to give it up. He’s not the same player anymore and it’s kind of hard to watch. It always sucks when a good player gets old and regresses. Last season was supposed to be a comeback year for Odom after a terrible season with the Dallas Mavericks. That didn’t quite work out and now it’s almost September and he still without a team.

I think it’s time for this era to end. This summer has seen a lot of great players of the past retire, and Lamar Odom’s name should be added to that list. It’s not people will forget about him, he is a Kardashian so people will remember him. If Odom doesn’t retire then he’s really going to have to end on a good note because things just aren’t looking good for him anymore.

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