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Jadeveon Clowney Ends His Collegiate Career With Win

Jadeveon Clowney rose to the spotlight last year with his tackle on Michigan’s running back Vincent Smith. This season he has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons but that has not stopped him for living his dream of going to the NFL. Clowney will forgo his senior year with the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and enter into the NFL draft.

Clowney has been heavily criticized this year for his lack of effort on-the-field and his off-the-field drama in particularly two speeding tickets driving over 20mph over the legal limit. Clowney received the two tickets within a month’s time. You are probably thinking that head coach Steve Spurrier is happy that he doesn’t have to deal with the Clowney distractions after today. One would think so, but Spurrier loves the attention; he’ll find another way.

On New Year’s Day in Orlando Florida, Clowney and the Gamecocks defeated the Wisconsin to win the Capital One Bowl.  Clowney didn’t have a standout game and went sackless but nonetheless, Clowney helped the Gamecocks to an 11-2 year and he is predicted to be a top pick in this year’s draft.

Hate him or love him, he’ll probably get a big payday soon.

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