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Miami Heat Looking for Trade

Miami Heat Looking for Trade

Dec 7, 2013

I think I’ve waited my entire sports writing career to cover this. After getting their ass whooped last night the Miami Heat are looking to trade for a guard to replace Dwyane Wade while he’s injured.

Last season that role went to Mike Miller, who filled in the role very well but ultimately the injuries were too much and the Heat used the amnesty clause on Miller. The Heat thought they could replace Millers (replacement Wade) production with a combo of James Jones, Rashard Lewis and this seasons latest addition Roger Mason Jr.

James Jones has never been an option, if the team could move him I bet they will. I’ve seen Rashard Lewis on the floor a lot this season so I’m going to assume that he’s playing decent. That leaves Roger Mason Jr, who just isn’t that good to be honest. He can shoot but he’s not deadly, as the case with all these guys.

With Wade out and most likely limited this season, the Heat are looking for someone to fill that void. That means the team is looking to make a trade. Now your probably wondering who the team would trade since their biggest assets are rotation players. Well the Heat have put Joel Anthony on the block in order to receive a good guard.

Please excuse me for a minute while I laugh.

This is one of the funniest things I’ve heard all year. This guy is hands down the worst player in the NBA. You can put him one on one with almost anyone and he’s coming out on bottom. Joel Anthony is also my favorite scrub player to ever do it!

Watching this guy play (in the few minutes he gets these days) is probably one of the best laughs I get. He can’t do anything on the floor but block a few shots. When he was in the rotation a few years ago I got a laugh every game, regardless if they were winning or not he was out there giving his all and being hilariously bad at the same time.

So who would want him? He makes 3.5 million this year and has a player option for next year, which he’ll definitely accept. The better question is who would give up a serviceable guard just to get a 6’9 center who’s a liability on the court?

The point is the Heat probably won’t be able to trade Anthony unless he’s packaged in for a deal with other Heat players. Just Joel Anthony as the main trade piece won’t get anybody excited.

The Heat really should try and address their rebounding and defensive problems. The way the Bulls man handles them on the boards last night has been a problem Miami has had for the last few years. Udonis Haslem just isn’t getting it done so they need to let that go and pursue a player that fits the teams needs.

If Miami just has to get a guard, I suggest waiving Roger Mason Jr and taking a shots at some of the free agents that are left. Personally I’d say pick up Stephen Jackson, yeah dude is crazy, but shoot this guy can play basketball.  If not Jackson they can always grab my childhood hero Richard Hamilton (I know I’m trippin hard but i don’t care). Either way there are still some wing players out there up for grabs if tha’ts what the team wants. Personally I think they should grab Drew Gooden and see what he’s got. He might not e much but he’s size and decent skill.

In my honest opinion I don’t think Miami needs to make a move just yet. I think they should give Norris Cole more minutes and keep experimenting with Cole and Mario Chalmers on the floor together, at least until Way of Wade can come back.

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