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NBA Playoff Teams That Are Already In Trouble

NBA Playoff Teams That Are Already In Trouble

Apr 24, 2014

Now that we are half a week into the NBA playoffs, every series has played two games already. With that being said, there are already problems and themes that have been trending throughout these series. Now after only two games played, things aren’t looking good for a few teams.

Chicago Bulls

Well this one really isn’t the Bulls fault per say its more so the Wizards exposing their weakness. On one side of the series you have a all defensive team that wins games by holding their opponents to a low point total. On the other side of the series you have a well balanced team with a young explosive back court with a very experience and skilled front court that plays both ends of the floor. Chicago’s lack of offense has them on the ropes right now heading into Washington down 0-2. Its not their fault that Derrick Rose got hurt and its definitely not their fault D.J. Augustine isn’t good enough. Now if Nate Robinson was still there then we might have a different series. As a person who wore wears a Chicago Bulls snap back as my everyday hat, this one makes me look bad.

Charlotte Bobcats

Like this wasn’t expected? The Bobcats have easily the worst first round match up of any team. They are a defense first team with limited offense going against the defending champs. Then when you realize that the Cats best offensive weapon, Al Jefferson is banged up pretty bad, this series seems more and more like a long shot. Jefferson and Kemba Walker are trying their hardest but if they want to at least steal one game their wing players (I’m looking directly at Gerald Henderson) needs to pull out an above average game. With the Bobcats down 0-2 I’ll be in the building for their match up Saturday with my Bobcats gear live as hell, that still won’t change the series outcome though. They’re simply just not good enough yet.

Houston Rockets

I wasn’t going to do it but Houston we have a problem lol. Ok I got it out of my system. The problem here with the Rockets is for one that they dropped two games on their home court. Also they let LaMarcus Aldridge drop 40 plus points on them two nights in a row. Then there is this whole offensive balance issue that the Rockets are having where one player goes off for one half or quarter and then another guy tries the same thing. Simply put, if the Rockets want to have a chance in this series, they have to play as a team, dumping it down to Howard 10 times in a row isn’t going to work and letting hard jack up 10 threes in a row isn’t going to work. Well scratch that, it could work but they simply can’t stop Aldridge. In other words Houston has a lot of problems.

San Antonio Spurs

Oh no not the all mighty Spurs? I feel like I can’t say anything bad about the Spurs ever because their consistently good and it could easily be thrown back in my face but this time I have a little wiggle room to speak out. The Spurs dominated through the year but these playoffs they haven’t looked to good. It took a Mavericks collapse and a Spurs run for them to pull out the victory in Game 1 and then they got blown out in Game 2 on their home floor. The series is tied 1-1 going into to Dallas and Dallas has a chance to push this series far or even win if they continue to play the way they have. There are a lot of series tied at 1-1 right now but I don’t think any team in that situation is in a must win situation more than the Spurs right now.

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