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NBA Playoffs 2013: Eastern Conference Finals

NBA Playoffs 2013: Eastern Conference Finals

May 21, 2013

The Playoffs are starting to tighten up with only four teams left all going one game at a time looking at a shot at the Larry O’Brien trophy. The teams left are all worthy of being in the Finals and we know that both series are going to be tight for each team. Let’s look at the Eastern Conference matchup up close.


Miami vs. Indiana

The Summary: No games from this series have happened yet so there’s no insight to the future end result. We do, however know that both teams played each other last year in the 2012 Semis. Indiana got off to a quick 2-1 series lead by out-rebounding and immense team-work. It later crumbled and the Heat went on to win three games in a row to advance to the Conference Finals. It all turned around when D-Wade showed up; Game 4 he had 30, Game 5 he had 28 and Game 6 he had 41 points. It’s astonishing because LeBron went for 40, 30 and 28 through 4, 5 and 6. The points weren’t the only thing that Miami upped in the next games. They also went on a rebounding splurge and grabbed anything they could. Making Roy Hibbert inefficient and leaving LeBron and Wade to go into the lane and take down the low confident young center. It wasn’t just Hibbert who was young; the Pacers were young with minimal veterans on their team.

So, what is different about them now, facing Miami now in the Conference Finals instead of the Conference Semis? Well, it’s simple; Paul George has grown into an all-star. Danny Granger is injured and out for the post-season but why should Pacers fans be groaning over that? Their team has been playing even better without him because George and Lance Stephenson have grown and fit into their roles. We know Miami has gotten a bit better at rebounding over the year but Roy and David West are both great at pounding the glass. Although I’ve only talked about Indiana’s differences, Miami has a ton too. They’ve acquired Birdman, Chris Bosh has extended his game to the three point line but Dwyane Wade is rocky and not as healthy as we’ve seen him (Maybe not from his highlight plays in Chicago). Yeah, and I almost forgot, LeBron has become more aggressive and is playing the best basketball of his career. That’s pretty scary as he’s getting better and better daily. Can Paul George really take him out of his comfort zone? Maybe, one thing’s definite, though. Miami’s comfort zone will be condensed the most they’ve been in the play-offs (They’ll still get better looks than New York who settled for inefficient shots [Mostly JR Smith]).

Key Players: Paul George and Dwyane Wade. Paul needs to play great offense and defense, it’s easy to say but it’ll be hard to contain and score against LeBron. We know he can do it but with scoring threats coming from all angles. LeBron is sure to get open looks and is known to make shots for himself, very very easily. Dwyane Wade however does need help to make his own shots with his shooting not as great as last year. He is a great player and if he’s actually healthy I don’t know who’s going to defend both Bron and Dwyane.

(Let’s also note David West who destroyed Miami by averaging almost 23 points & 7.7 rebounds through the three games they played each other this season)

Prediction: Miami in 6. Indiana will push to try and upset the first few games but Miami will adapt and come out blazing. If Indiana has a chance at winning they must rebound, defend like crazy and use their size advantage. If they can’t then Miami in 6.


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