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NFL Draft Prospect: Jimmie Ward

NFL Draft Prospect: Jimmie Ward

Mar 29, 2014

Draft Profile: Jimmie Ward

Defensive Back

University of Northern Illinois

Listed at 5’10 1/2 193, Jimmie Ward does not have the prototypical size to play Safety in the NFL. His impact on the field overshadowed his measurable though. Ward led Northern Illinois with 92 tackles and 7 interceptions. He was everywhere in the secondary and made offenses aware of his presence. Still, there were a lot of questions he needed to answer at the Senior Bowl because of the level of competition he had faced in the MAC. He not only answered those questions, but also raised his draft stock enough to be discussed as a potential first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Always around the ball. An impact player for the Northern Illinois Huskies. Has excellent movement ability and could play anywhere in the secondary. Man coverage well above average and locks onto receivers with ease. Has the potential to be one of the leagues best cover safeties. Closes fast with good angles. Decisive and gets to the action in a hurry. Knows his assignments and sticks to them.


Does not have the prototypical size to play safety in the NFL. He is willing to sacrifice himself to make a play, but will that be enough at the next level? Despite his athleticism, he may not project well as a centerfielder in the pros. Shaken up after a routine tackle against Toledo, suggesting that he may not survive as a safety because of the major problems he will run into near the line of scrimmage. His value will be decided after teams figure out where he will line-up on Sundays.


Jimmie Ward makes up for his lack of size and strength with above average coverage ability and instincts. Probably will never be considered and elite safety, but could provide a team with elite production because of his football intelligence and tight coverage.

Draft Grade: Round 2-3

Player Comparison: Jarius Byrd, New Orleans Saints

Teams of Interest: CHI, ATL, GB, PHI, STL, JAX, TEN, CLE, CIN, MIN, TEN, CAR, SD, OAK


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