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Peyton Manning Makes History

I missed it.. While everyone else was in the comfort of their home watching Sunday football, I was fighting the rain while delivering Japanese food.


So I missed out on Peyton Manning making NFL history, lucky me. Anyways its not about me though, its about one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever do it: Peyton Manning.

We’ve been pretty aware of the best season tht Manning has been having. He came out on opening night with a bang by breaking the record for most touchdowns thrown in a game. Now breaks the record for the most touchdowns in a season, which was previously held by another living legend Tom Brady.

With the Broncos sitting at 12-3 with a 800 winning percentage and the playoffs clinched, whats next for Peyton? Hes having a historic year, which can only be completed with a SuperBowl victory. Not just a SuperBowl appareance but a SuperBowl win. Manning has only one the Bowl once. With how great he is, and how highly we all think of him, its about time for him to do some more winning.

If the Broncos are able to come out with the win this year, it will have to almost single handily fall on Mannings shoulders. I haven’t gotten to see too many of Mannings games this year but when I have there is always one common theme and that’s lackluster defense. I’ve seen Manning and the high powered Denver offense dominate opposing defenses, just to have the same thing happen to their own defense. The Bronco’s have been winning without depending on a weak defense, so they can’t expect that in the playoffs. It’s time to see Manning really show out this playoffs, and take home the victory.

All eyes are on Manning now. Can he cap off a historic season by winning it all? We’ll see soon enough.

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