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Remembering A Legend: Tracy McGrady

Remembering A Legend: Tracy McGrady

Aug 26, 2013

After 16 seasons in the NBA, Tracy McGrady has decided to call it quits. This comes within a week of Allen Iverson’s announcement to also retire.

This is pretty hard to write really. Just within this summer I’ve seen players I grew up idolizing calling it quits. Iverson wasn’t as hard to accept because the last 3 years he hadn’t played, but T-Mac has played.

I knew things were going downhill when he went to China to play last season. McGrady had claimed to have retired at the time but ended up on the end of the Spurs bench in the playoffs. He was one game away from getting a ring but the story didn’t end like that and the Spurs lost in game 7.

It was sad to see how T-Macs career ended because in his prime he was the man. In Toronto he made a name for himself but in Orlando is where he exploded. He had some pretty sick years in Houston too but that’s when the injuries started to hit. It sucks just to think that he played for the New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and San Antonio Spurs in his final years in a limited role.

Back in the day, Tracy McGrady got buckets. There was no stopping that guy. Any player that’s averaged 30 or more points in a season had to be nice, and that’s what McGrady was.

T-Mac didn’t have much playoff success but it doesn’t matter. Now that his career is over we can appreciate him for who he was, one of the best scorers to ever do it. I can’t even say all McGrady did was get buckets because he did more than that.

One of my favorite McGrady moments came when he dropped 13 points in 33 seconds. Then there’s when he threw it down on Shawn Bradley. I can’t forget about when he threw it off the glass caught it and threw it down at the All-star game.

I’m glad that I can say that I saw McGrady play live when I was a kid. He was amazing, he was clutch and he put on a show. Tracy McGrady will definitely be missed. It’s a new era in the NBA now, all the greats are retiring.

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