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NBA Semi-Finals (Western Conference)

WESTERN Conference

Oklahoma City vs. Memphis

The Summary: Oklahoma, without Westbrook, they aren’t looking too hot, huh. Down 2-1, the Thunder should look to regain home-court advantage with a win in Memphis, but does it really seem plausible when Memphis is looking really consistent?

In Game One, the Thunder were at home and barely made it out with the win, winning by two because of Pondexter’s non-clutch three free-throws (He missed the first one, it was pretty anti-climatic if you asked me, I hoped David Stern could’ve rigged something  to make the ball go in but nope, that’s a low rating for you, Commissioner).

The reasons for Memphis’ win in the next two games is obvious, it’s the ‘Big Burrito’ Marc Gasol to blame, he’s a great player and his offense and defensive presence has opened up so many shots for other players on his team. His high level passing has been great as well, opening up easy opportunities for Randolph, Conley, Pondexter and almost everyone on the team. Over the past 3 games, he’s shot above 50% (22-41). I can’t see anybody on the Thunder step-up to help Durant win over the Grizzlies except for Martin but that’s all.

The Thunder need someone else preferably a big to step up and attract defenders to them to open more room for shooters outside the post. Serge Ibaka or Perkins need to step up and give their team a boost, if that’s not possible for them; I guess Memphis has won already.

Key Players: Marc Gasol and (ANY FRONT-COURT THUNDER PLAYER) Marc is a versatile big and when he plays well, the rest of his team plays well, it’s a universal fact. Also, for the Thunder, re-read that last paragraph of the Summary..

Prediction: Memphis in 6. Don’t be surprised at this prediction, I do think it might be Memphis in 5 in reality, but my brain still tells me that it can’t happen to a team projected to take on the Heat in the Finals.

Golden State vs. San Antonio

The Summary: And finally, one of my favorite series of the playoffs. Where we have the long-range young shooters in the Warriors and then a team with veteran players who also have a good shooting arsenal. Two teams that can be seen in the Finals (Warriors have a really, really good offense) and have potential to be the best series of the playoffs.

Game 1 of the series was a big thriller, going into double overtime, where Ginobili would finally hit the fatal 3 to end the game, 127-129. The Warriors didn’t have their regular shooting performance going 11-30 from three with Klay Thompson going 0-4 beyond the arc but, Stephen Curry did have 44 points on 50% shooting, which isn’t that bad. Now, with that ending shot by Ginobili, in a game where he went 5-20, he had to make that last shot? The Warriors had a good game but it couldn’t outlast the Tony Parker (triple double) lead Spurs.

In Game 2, Golden State came out racing closing out the first half with a 19 point lead. The hot-shooter wasn’t Stephen this time; it was Klay Thompson, going for an astounding 8-9 from three and finishing with 34 points. The Spurs couldn’t catch up and lost by 9. What wasn’t hot about the Spurs’ performance in Game 2 was their 5-21 three pt. shooting that ultimately caused them a loss, offensively and defensively.

Into Game 3, the opposite of Game 2, this time, the Spurs came out with more energy, up by 9 going into the 2nd quarter. The rest of the game, both teams exchanged shots; nothing too exciting like a comeback or anything, it was just the Spurs stopping every run by the Warriors and vice-versa. The Warriors sharp-shooters were not getting anything in and the star Stephen Curry seemed to re-sprain his ankle and is questionable for Game 4. On the back-court of San Antonio, you have Tony Parker going for 32 and had a great overall game.

The series isn’t a guaranteed win for either team, they’re both good and can both out-shoot their opponents. Both have depth in the roster and have great coaches.

Key Players: Stephen Curry and Parker. Stephen Curry hopefully should stay healthy enough to play in the next three games, if not; we may see Klay Thompson trying to lead the Warriors. Curry is the full package and he spreads the floor and can drive and kick out with great passing ability. If Stephen is healthy, the series will be tight. Parker, well, he’s the main facilitator, if you don’t have him, the Spurs offense will rely in Ginobili and Duncan. I don’t think the Spurs want to see that. Fortunately, he’s there and if he continues his great play, ‘the series will be tight’.

Prediction: Warriors in 7. Just because I love Golden State and I can see their offense really getting the Spurs down.

Let’s keep watching the playoffs and hope that my predictions are correct.

An Interactive Sports Experience

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