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Ten Reasons Why the 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl

Ten Reasons Why the 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl

Aug 2, 2013

The football season is just around the corner, and that means 32 teams are preparing to win a Super Bowl. Though every team has a shot, there are a few that are at the top of the list. Number one on that list is the San Francisco 49ers. And so without further ado, the top ten reasons why the 49ers will win the super bowl in 2013.

10. Rushing Defense

Though the NFL has evolved into a passing league, a stout run defense can restrict an opposing team’s offensive rhythm. The 49ers held opponents to a total of 1507 yards in 2012 (4th best in the NFL).

9. Special Teams

Despite not being flawless in all aspects of special teams, the 49ers take care of business defending the kickoff return. In 2012 they kept opposing kick returners mostly at bay, holding teams to 1289 total yards (4th best in NFL). Combined with the Niners’ strong defense, forcing teams to start deeper in their own end will be devastating.

8. Coaching

With an NFL record of 24-7, Jim Harbaugh remains one of the elite coaches in the NFL. His versatile, cutting-edge play calling will continue to fluster opposing teams in 2013.

7. Weak AFC Competition

The Super Bowl is never easy, but the chance that an AFC team beats the 49ers in the big game is unlikely.

6. Vernon Davis

Pro-Bowl TE Vernon Davis will return with his gritty, consistent play, giving the 49ers more options offensively.

5. Frank Gore

Pro-Bowl RB Frank Gore has been a solid rusher the past few years, and his dependability will be much-needed for a deep playoff run.

4. Passing Defense

With the evolution of the game, passing has become the most important weapon. Teams are aiming to land a star QB at all costs. Therefore defenses with the tools to stop a QB have become just important. The Niners held teams to a total of 3203 yards in 2012 (4th best in the NFL).

3. The Percy Harvin Injury

It almost feels wrong including this, but the 49ers’ division rival’s best WR is out for at least half the season. This is a huge win for the Niners.

2. Experience

Being so close to winning it all and falling short will eat away at a team, but sometimes in a good way. After barely losing in the Super Bowl last year, it seems like the 49ers should be ready to take the final step this time around.

1. Colin Kaepernick

He’s not the best QB in the league, but he’s a dangerous weapon. Kaepernick’s speed combined with his throwing arm give the 49ers tremendous play calling depth and versatility. Expect Colin to be a threat every week on the field.

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