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The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Very Lucky

The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Very Lucky

May 21, 2014

With a 1.7 percent chance of winning the NBA’s Draft Lottery, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be picking number one in the NBA draft. If that sounds funny to you, don’t worry when I saw it I was pissed. Ever since LeBron James left in 2010, the Cavs have would the number one pick 3 out of the last 4 years. First they selected Kyrie Irving, then Anthony Bennett and now they have a chance at picking a franchise cornerstone in this upcoming draft.

The Cavs have to be very lucky or there simply is something not right going on. This team has won the lottery three times in the last four years. There wouldn’t be anything to talk about if they didn’t win it last year as well but now this looks more like the NBA doing them a favor for losing King James. I never go with the conspiracy theory talk but this instance just looks funny to me and a lot of other people.

This also shows that tanking isn’t always the best way to a number one pick. The Philadelphia 76ers tanked harder than any other team I’ve seen in my life and ended up with the 3rd over pick. They’ll still get a great player at number three as the Bucks will at number two after having the worst record of anybody, but they’ll be picking after Cleveland who gets first pick.

The Cavs are very lucky to be here. After Anthony Bennett failure as a rookie, the Andrew Bynum incident, the Kyrie/Dion situation and the Mike Brown firing this team looked like they would receive a late lottery pick and move on. Now they have the chance to pick up a franchise cornerstone at one of the positions they need. This team will need a small forward (we all know Luol Deng is getting far away from Cleveland) and center (its bout time to stop relying on Anderson Vajerao) and the top three prospects fit that description.

In my opinion I think the Cavs should take Joel Embiid number one, he’s a two way player big man who can develop into a top center in the league. The team has a star point guard I think it would be interesting to pair him with a big man like Embiid instead of wing players like Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins. Then I think the Bucks and 76ers should take Parker and Wiggins in that order.

Either way this NBA Draft should be very interesting. For another year it’ll all begin with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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