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The Pacers Got Very Lucky

The Pacers Got Very Lucky

May 2, 2014

The Indiana Pacers shouldn’t be having problems with the lowly Atlanta Hawks. The Pacers are a team that won 56 games this year and is the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. Right now they are tied 3-3 with the 8th seed Hawks and will be going into a game 7.

Lets me be honest here, the Pacers got very lucky in Game 6. Atlanta could of won that but the Hawks played terribly down the stretch. The way the Hawks played, they almost gave the Pacers the win. I’ve never seen a team take so many bad threes before and yet somehow they were still hanging on for most of the game. Now the Pacers will have game 7 on their home court but the sad thing is that the win is far from guarantee.

This is the same Pacers team that I was very high on since this summer. Now I don’t even think they deserve to get out the first round with the way they’ve been playing. Whenever I watch them face the Hawks I always get the feeling that their not trying out there and that they really aren’t vibing as a team. They’ve gotten 3 wins versus these Hawks but I feel like it has more to do with the hawks simply not being good anot the Pacers being dominant.

I will give credit to the Pacers head coach Frank Vogel. Roy Hibbert has been extremely garbage throughout the series and Vogel did what was right and sat his ass down. Vogel still started him and played him but he played so few minutes that Vogel definitely made his point. Also I noticed that Evan Turner wasn’t playing either and instead the little used Chris Copeland was out there. I liked the adjustments that Vogel made but the team has to make an attitude adjustment.

If the Pacers make it past the Hawks they’ll have the Washington Wizards next. The Wizards will be no walk in the park and definitely won’t blow games like the Hawks have. The Pacers need to get their heads right and finish off this series, its about time they get back to the way they played pre Danny Granger trade.


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