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Turkey Time: Thankful for Sports

Turkey Time: Thankful for Sports

Nov 25, 2013

Its that time of year once again, and instead of me going off about how poor my Cleveland Browns played Sunday, I am going to talk about a different topic.

We are ridiculously lucky. Plain and simple, we have amazing opportunities in America to showcase, view, and promote our homegrown talent where as young athletes in other countries do not get a chance to do so because of their environment, economical standing, and other unfortunate occurrences. There are most likely hundreds of Lebron James’s, Tom Brady’s, and Kenny Lofton’s in the world completely unnoticed because they haven’t been given the proper chance.

I am thankful for the chance we have in America. I have made the most of my chance to play great sports such as baseball, soccer, and track. I have had my opportunity. Everyone in America has the opportunity. Take a moment and appreciate our good circumstances.

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