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What Kobe Bryant’s Contract Extension Means

What Kobe Bryant’s Contract Extension Means

Nov 26, 2013

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If you didnt know by now, Kobe Bryant signed a 2 year 48.5 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday. The move was met with backlash as the general thought was that Kobe would take a pay cut so that the team could make a run at some high profile free agents.

The first thing I thought was, why would any of us expect Kobe Bryant to take a pay cut? This is Kobe Bryant were talking about, Kobe does what he wants and he already stated during the summer that he wouldn’t take a pay cut, the thought of it made him laugh. If anything this is the Black Mamba being nice, he makes 30 million all together this season. With his contract extension he will be making about 24 million next season, that’s a 6 million pay cut, I think the guy was being nice. This contract could of been worse actually. Kobe could of waited until the summer and then forced the Lakers to pay him more. Lets be real here, Kobe wasn’t going anywhere and the thought of Kobe even thinking of going elsewhere would of scared the Lakers into signing him for whatever he wanted.

This isn’t a shot at any other free agents, this is more of Kobe showing who’s the man in LA and who will be the man in LA until he retires. He’s not taking a pay cut so any of you players will come to LA, if you want to come to LA you gotta take a pay cut. The Black Mamba runs the Lakers, its his team, so whoever wants to be down with it needs to take less cash because Kobe isn’t doing that.

This contract isn’t even that bad when you take in how good of a player Kobe Bryant is. This is a five time champion and a scoring machine. He’ll be the only contract on the Lakers next year besides Steve Nash, so he won’t be making that much of a dent in the salary. He’ll take up a good majority of the cap space but it’s not like they’ll have Pau Gasol (19mil) on the books so that gives the Lakers even more cap space.

Overall I don’t even think their will be a lot of free agents this offseason anyway. I doubt the Miami Heat Big 3 are going anywhere, and I see Carmelo Anthony opting out of his contract then forcing the Knicks to pay him even more. Kobe took the money that was offered and left the deal at that. He’s one of the greatest so he deserves his money. I just doubt we’ll be seeing GM’s pay out that kind of cash anymore with the current CBA.

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