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Whats Next for Andrew Bynum?

Whats Next for Andrew Bynum?

Dec 29, 2013

This got ugly really quick. It hasn’t even been half a season and the Cleveland Cavaliers already want nothing to do with Andrew Bynum. This weekend, the Cavs announced that they have suspended Bynum indefintely  for bad conduct,  he was disrespectful to the coaching staff). Now the Cavs are looking to trade him by Janauray 7th when his contract becomes fully guarantee and doubles to 12 million, or straight up waive him.

The Cavaliers took some risk this off-season. They started the off-season off by drafting Anthony Bennett number one overall in the 2013 NBA draft. That really didn’t work all too well.

They also signed free agents Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark, which hasn’t been a story book tale either.

I almost forgot that they hired Mike Brown as well, which is probably the start of the problems.

At the time, Bynum seemed like a good risk to take. They signed him to a good deal (2 years-24 million, only 6 million guaranteed, and a team option on the second year), which meant that if things didn’t work out they would drop too much change on him. He injury prone as ever but at the same time, a productive 7 footer with some offensive skills is very hard to come by. Now that its apparent that the Cavs and Andrew Bynum are finished, whats next for the big man?

Possible Destinations:

When the report of Bynum wanting out first surfaced, their were two teams that he reported were interested in: the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers. Both of these teams make a lot of sense, and really both teams could use Bynum even as broke down as he is. Also there’s a few other teams that could use the big man.

Miami Heat

The Heat have lacked size and rebounding since LeBron came to Miami. They even signed a more injury prone big man than Bynum in Greg Oden this summer to try and address those needs. Bynum could work for this team in a limited role similar to what was expected of Oden. Of course somebody would have to get waived for that to happen, but he could address their needs as a big body.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers aren’t a very tough team. Blake Griffin essentially gets bullied by opposing teams because hes such a big piece to the Clippers that he can’t retaliate. You know who has no problem laying the smack down on a hard foul? Andrew Bynum that’s who. The Clippers don’t need him to play a big role offensively, but they definitely could use a bruiser and a good back up for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Bynum could fill that role, only real question is would he care enough to fight for his teammates?

Atlanta Hawks

The injury bug hit Al Horford hard as hes likely out for the season. The Hawks are too good of a team to tank this season, so they need to find someone to replace Horfords production. Bynum could maybe replace about half of what Horford brings, and the rest could be taken care of eternally by the Hawks. It probably wouldn’t be the best fit for him because he would be expected to pay a big role, but Atlanta is defintely an option.

Dallas Mavericks

When is Mark Cuban not looking to make the Mavs better? Andrew Bynum being avaialbe, seems like a deal that Cuban would pursue instantly. I honestly thought the Mavs would sign him this summer after missing out on Dwight Howard, but instead picked up Samuel Dalembort. Right now they are starting DeJaun Blair at center, and hes 6 foot 7 and his no knees. No diss on Blair though as the guy is a baller, I’m just saying the Mavs look like they could use Bynums big body in the paint.

New York Knicks and Brookyln Nets

If either team wants more drama than they already have, then this is the move to make. All jokes a side though, he could possibly help either team, but ultimately I don’t think its worth the gamble.

In the end I think its time for Bynum to hang up the sneakers. He’s not getting any healthier and hes seemed to wear out his welcome anywhere he’s been. Then there’s the known fact that he doesn’t like basketball like that either. A team will probably try and sign him after the Cavs ultimately waive him but its just not worth it. What good is an injury prone big man with bad knees and a bad attitude?


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