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What’s Next for Donald Sterling and the LA Clippers?

Over the past weekend the story came out about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling not wanting his girlfriend to associate with in public or bring black people to his games. There was an immediate public outcry on the matter as Sterling has been essentially revealed as a racist to the mass of the world. Regardless of what you know about sports or basketball in general we all know that this is simply wrong.

In the sports world, most of us already knew of Sterling in this light. He had been in trouble before but used his money to sweep it under the table. This was the same man who would heckle his own players. It hasn’t been until recently that he has said something that  anyone can access that has prompted us to talk about it.

We all know racism exist in this world but in reality what is there that we can do to change it? Sometimes you can’t change a way that people feel and a lot of times these are beliefs that people hold onto for their entire life. The story is unfortunate for the Clippers during a playoff run and realistically for them in general. Who would want to play for a man that doesn’t like your own race?

The NBA will investigate the situation and see where they can go from here. Do they suspend him? Do they make his sell his team?

There have been talk of boycotting the Clippers. The Clipper players even made a stand against Sterling before game 4 by wearing their warm ups inside out. The players shouldn’t be punished for their owners views though and should hopefully be able to distance themselves from it.

The thing is racism isn’t something that a public outcry can stop. Public outcries usually work for this generation but this is a issue that proceeds way before our generation and will still be around years after. People like Donald Sterling will not stop having their beliefs because we as the public don’t want them to, it just doesn’t work like that. Its unfortunate that this story had to come out and it won’t be thrown under the rug either. If we all could change the world we would but the reality is there are somethings we just can’t change.

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