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When Will the Kansas City Chiefs Lose?

When Will the Kansas City Chiefs Lose?

Oct 28, 2013

Did anybody expect the Kansas City Chiefs to be this good this year? I know I didn’t, they weren’t even on my radar to be completely honest. Somebody should of told me. Now 8 weeks into the NFL season the Chiefs are sitting undefeated at 8-0.  This is crazy because they’re literally the only team who hasent lost a single game this season. That’s exactly why I love the NFL, some crazy stuff can go down and the underdogs can pull out the win. Now the Chiefs aren’t the underdog, they’re the top dog. Now we have to wonder, can anybody that the Chiefs play in the next 8 weeks take them down?

When taking a look at the Chiefs schedule there are two teams that stand out as contenders to take out the best. Those teams are the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.

The Broncos get two shots at taking out the Chiefs and they are the most likely to take them down. Lets be real the Bronco’s have been so damn nice this year. Peyton Manning is looking like one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, well because he is. He has the right players that complement him that he doesn’t even have to run. In any game that will come down to battle of the quarterback’s, I’m taking Peyton Manning anyday. Sorry Alex Smith, we know your nice, we know your putting up an MVP type season but I have to roll with the older Manning brother. If the Bronco’s don’t beat the Chiefs on November 17, then you can expect it to go down on December 1st. The Bronco’s have it all, the offense is on point, when they win they’re blowing teams out. Oh yeah and the defense is legit.

If the Chiefs are still undefeated after facing the Bronco’s twice then that mean Andrew Luck and the Colts are taking them down. Why the Colts? Well because they’re the only team to beat the Bronco’s and if they can do that then they can take out anybody.

I expect the Chiefs to come out of this weekend 9-0 unless the Bills just turn up and go off. If the Broncos or the Colts do this then hey we might have an undefeated team this year.

Hey I could be wrong though because one bad game and these boys could get stomped by the Bills, Redskins, Chargers, or Raiders. We don’t know now but we’ll know on Sunday.

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