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Where Should Danny Granger Go Next?

Where Should Danny Granger Go Next?

Feb 27, 2014

After being traded from the only franchise he knew to the obviously tanking Philadelphia 76ers, Danny Granger has been brought out of his contract. This is great for Granger because now he doesn’t have to play for such a bad team. Now he has a choice to pick between teams that are contending for a championship.

This second wave of free agency has always been interesting. We see a lot of different players who don’t work for one team come in and make things work for another. Granger is an interesting guy in this situation. Granger had been featured as the top guy on the Indiana Pacers for awhile now. After entering in the league in 2005, Granger hit his peak scoring 25 points per game in the 2008-2009 season. Granger hit a low point last season, only playing in 5 games and only averaging 5 points as well. He came back this season in a bench role as the team now belongs to Paul George.  He was only averaging 8 points  in 20 minutes before being traded. Even in his down year Granger should have a good amount of suitors. Here are a few teams I think Granger should try to join.

San Antonio Spurs:

I can’t say much about the Spurs that hasn’t already been said. This team is always good, every year. They have one of the best coaches ever in Greg Popovich, a living legend in Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili is still around and Tony Parker is still a very elite point guard, who can be arguably called the best point guard. Also the Spurs have a hole behind Kwahi Leonard at back up small forward. In San Antonio, Granger would probably get the same amount of minutes as he did in Indiana and play the same role. He would also be competing for a championship as well.

Miami Heat:

The Heat won the last two NBA Finals. Granger is trying to join a winning team right? In Miami Granger probably wouldn’t get much minutes, they would probably insert him right into Mike Millers old, play when we need you role. The only problem with this is that the last time Granger was a big time player he got into a lot of altercations with Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwayne Wade during the 2012 playoffs. Who knows how cool they are with a potential Granger deal but he could definitely be a huge pick up. Plus he may want revenge on the Pacers for dropping him, what better way to do that than play for the Heat?

Portland Trailblazers/Houston Rockets:

I’m grouping these two together because he would be in the same situation on both teams. Join a up and coming team that is locked at starting wings, come off the bench,play some defense and shoot some threes. Probably spend some time at the four and help either team out on their playoff push, also he probably wouldn’t get that many minutes.

Los Angeles Clippers:

Now this one is interesting. The Clippers are the one contending team that Granger could join and possibility be starting on by time the playoffs start. Most contenders are set at the small forward position, but the Clippers aren’t. Right now Matt Barnes is starting but he’s not that great of an option. Behind him is Jared Dudley who was the starter but has been taken out of the starting lineup. I don’t care how down of a year Granger is having, he is definitely a better player than Barnes or Dudley. If Granger wants to play on a contender and have bigger role, this would be the move.

Danny Granger has a lot of options right now. Personally I would love to see him join the Clippers but he could realistically join any contender and make a difference. When He clears waivers, things should get interesting.

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