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Who is the Best PG in the East Right Now?

Who is the Best PG in the East Right Now?

Nov 30, 2013

So there have been some weird things going in the Eastern Conference. This was supposed to be the year when the lower tier teams stepped up  and made a run at the playoffs. There was actually supposed to be some competition for the final spots in the playoffs. Derrick Rose was supposed to run to being the top point guard in the East.

Well none of this has happened this year as the East have been completely garbage. Only 3 teams in the Conference are above five hundred right now. Derrick Rose is injured and out for the rest of the season, and Rajon Rondo hasn’t played a game yet. So with Rose and Rondo out right now who is the best point in the east right now?

I could easily just claim Kyrie Irving or John Wall as the best by default, but that’s not necessarily right. While both are great players neither has done anything to deserve the title. Both teams have been pretty bad and they haven’t helped the cause at all. Irving has been inconsistent and Wall and the Wizards just plain haven’t been that good. I refuse to give it to Deron Williams either as he has been injured most of the season. The Pacers have been excellent but I wouldn’t feel right calling George Hill the best either. SO who is the best?

Right now the best point guard in the Eastern Conference has to be Jeff Teauge of the Atlanta Hawks. Even though the Hawks are only one game over 500, they still have been pretty impressive with the team they have. Unlike the other point guards in the East, Teague has been a big piece in the Hawks wins. Hes not just throwing up shots, he running the offense and has stepped up with the Josh Smith now gone to Detroit. Hes averaging 17 points and 8 assist right now and those numbers look like they can rise. With the lack of good point guards (or at least point guards on good teams) Teauge should be poised to make the all-star this team if he keeps this up.

I’m glad to see someone stepping up while the star guards are injured, but I would really like to see some of these other good players pull out some victories for there teams. Until that happens Jeff Teauge is the best point guard in the East.

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