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Why I’m Turnt Up for the NBA Season

Why I’m Turnt Up for the NBA Season

Oct 29, 2013

Tonight will be a night to remember. The night when the NBA season begins is usually my favorite day of the year. It’s pretty much a holiday to all of us sports crazed people. I can remeber after suffering through the long lock out and then having the NBA premiere on Christmas morning, that can easily be chopped up as the greatest Christmas ever. Now the NBA is coming back tonight and I am turnt up!

Now I ‘m going to break down why, I’m so turnt up for the NBA season.

Rose’s Return

If you keep up with my articles you know that I was hype for Derrick Rose’s preseason return, so you can already imagine how ready I am to see him play in the regualr season. D-Rose is the only reason why LeBron James hasn’t won  straight MVP awards. That’s pretty huge. Before his ACL tear the Bulls were looking to  win their first championship since the Michael Jordan days, then when Rose went down the entire Eastern Conference landscape changed.  After a full season of covering Rose is finally back and from what I saw in the preseason he hasn’t skipped a beat. Now there will always be that fear whenever he falls down, or looks hurt but still Rose returning is great for the leuage. Having Derrick Rose playing makes the Eastern Conference way more tougher than they were last season. Rose is a premiere star, in a premiere city, so this is going to be exciting.

Howard in Houston

Dwight Howard has put us all through some mess these last few years. After a terrible time in Laker Land, Howard is now starting over as a Houston Rocket. He has another superstar with in James Harden and the two of them are friends already. Howard is recovered from the injuires that held him back last season, and is poised to make some noise in Houston. Howard is surrounded by the best teammates he’s had in his career (Kobe doesn’t even count) in James Harden, Chandler Parsons, & Jeremy Lin (yes J-Lin, Linsanity can resurface at any time), so it’ll be interesting to see how Dwight does.

The New (Old) Look Brooklyn Nets

The Nets want to win a championship. The Nets did not win a championship last season. The Nets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last season.

So this summer the Brooklyn Nets pulled a blockbuster trade to obtain Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry. All they gave up was Gerald Wallace, yeah yeah I know Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks were in the deal as well as some no name scrubs, but in my eyes all the Nets did was give the Celtics Gerald freaking Wallace to get two Hall of Famers. Adding Pierce and Garnett to a lineup that already contains, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez makes the Nets a contender. This will be a interesting year for the Nets as we get to see what type of chemistry they have, and how they manage a offense with all those weapons. Oh yeah and they got Jason Kidd as the coach, this will be fun.

A Down Year for the Lakers

Alrighty, Laker Land this is what’s going on. Kobe’s still injured and getting old. Pau Gasol is getting old and hasn’t been very good lately. Steve Nash is old, broke down and should retire. Dwight Howard left you, and you got Chris Kaman to replace him. Sounds pretty bad huh? Well here’s the bright spot. You guys got Nick “Swaggy P” Young for an entire season. Swaggy P might not get you a ton of wins but he will definately be an entertaining character. He’s like a happy, non controversial JR Smith. Nick Young jacks up alot of shots with a smile on his face. He crosses people up and does amazing moves that only he thinks he can make. he takes ridiculous shots and doesnt play defense, oh yeah and he’s swaggy. Well I take that back, you guys will have Nick Young until Kobe kills him, really watch out because its liable to happen.

Bad Teams turning into OK Teams?

Well out east the Detroit Pistons, Washing Wizards & Cleveland Cavaliers all made moves to better the team. The Pistons added Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith to a team that already has Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. These guys will have the same problem as the Nets, as how to manage all those touchs. I’m not a big Josh Smith fan but he’ll definately make a difference for the Pistons, and Jennings is going to shot the ball regardless. Watch out for a lockerroom fight with this team because these guys are going to be jacking.

The Wizards recently traded the injured Emeka Okafor for Marcin Gortat. They drafted a do all small forward in Otto Porter. Washington has an improved John Wall and a improved Bradley Beal, this team is looking to make a push at the playoffs.

The Cavs had a busy summer. They picked up Anthony Bennett number one in the draft. They signed Jarett Jack to continue the same 6th man role he played with the Golden State Warriors last season. Oh yeah and they picked up that side show Andrew Bynum. WIth all their key guys (Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson) a year a better, the Cavs are looking to make push.

Out west, the Pelicans picked up Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. They still have Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis is a year better. The Pelicans are looking to be good right now.

The Warriors & Clippers are Elite?

This isnt really a question, both teams are elite now. It was just wierd to say.

The Clippers traded for head coach Doc Rivers (i will always say wtf on that), traded for Jared Dudley (sarcastic voice: oh man), signed Darren Collison to back up CP3 (ok, ok), picked up JJ Reddick and got two stretch bigs in Antwan Jamison and Byron Mullens. All those moves are ok but the real question is what affect will Rivers have on Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan? The dunks are great they should never stop, but if those two bring more intensity, defense and offensive versatilty (more so Griffin) then this team will be scary good. If Doc gets Griffin to stand up to Zach Randolph then the Clippers are already champs in my book.

As for the Warriors, well they signed Andre Igudola! Oh yeah Stephen Curry is really really good. This team made some noise in the playoffs last season and are now looking to build on that with the Igudola signing.  Also they picked up Toney Douglas, Jermaine O’Neal and Mareese Speights, nothing too big but a good way to fill out the depth chart. This team is going to be a lot of fun to watch with all their shooters and now Iggy running the break. Oh yeah and they got some post play with David Lee and Andrew Bogut down their. Watch out for the Warriors for sure.

A Miami Heat Three Peat?

Lastly we have to look at the defending champs. The last two NBA titles have been won by the Miami Heat. There have been a few teams in NBA history who have won back to back titles but rarely do we see them win three titles in a row. Kobe Bryant has down it, Michael Jordan has down is twice. Now it’s LeBron’s turn! If LeBron can pull this off he will elevate his game even higher than it already is and he’s already one of the greatest to ever do it. The Heat have made it out of the Eastern Conference for the last three years and have faced three different Western Conference opponents. Now it looks like the Heat will have a struggle to get out of the East as all the other top tier teams have massily improved. The Heat did what they could with the little money they in free agency and picked up two project players in Michael Beasley and Greg Oden. If both of those players play well, then we’re probably looking at a three peat, even if they don’t play well the team still has LeBron James and his super friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. This is still the team to beat and it’ll be that way until somebody beats them.

Honorable Mentions: Kevin Durant’s Big Year, Paul George and the Pacers, and The Spurs last run?



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