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Why the Eastern Conference Is All Messed Up

Why the Eastern Conference Is All Messed Up

Jan 29, 2014

After sitting here writing about if the Toronto Raptors should make a deal, I got to thinking. Why are they even in this predicament in the first place? A team like the Raptors shouldn’t be anywhere near the top spot of the conference and should be fighting for one of the last few spots. Then I took a double look at the East standings and realized the damn Washington Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats are still in the playoff picture.

What the hell. How is this all happening?

Oh yeah that is right. It all started when the Knicks and Nets decided to start all the season playing garbage. Right now the Nets are making a push and look to be legit. Their still under 500 but they finally seem to have got it together. Meanwhile them sorry ass Knicks have been just playing like they do not understand how to play basketball. Their on a three game winning streak right now but I wouldn’t call that an improvement just yet.

Then there was that Derrick Rose cat getting KO’ed for the rest of the NBA season after only playing 10 games. The Bulls were supposed to be what the Indiana Pacers are right now with Rose instead their in the lower rankings near the Wizards. The Bulls even traded Luol Deng for a player that they would waive after a day. Oh yeah then there is the wack ass Detriot Pistons and the lame Cleveland Cavaliers who made big off-season moves to not even be playoff teams. They don’t even deserve their own paragraph, their just Central Division add-ons for this one.

If the playoffs started right now the Wizards and Bobcats would make the playoffs. Now these are both teams that I claim allegiance too but dammit it ain’t right. The Cats can’t close out games, lost there defensive gust that they had on early and have no problem getting embarrassed off their home floor. The Wizards on the other hand won’t get discussed,I grew up a fan but I can’t stand any of the moves they’ve made in the last years. Neither team is playing inspiring basketball right now but somehow find themselves about to sell playoff tickets (sad thing is I’ll be right there in the stands: hatin).

The East is a mess this year not because of bad moves but because everyone if under performing. There were supposed to be 5 elite teams in the East this year but somehow there is only two. I would blame D.Rose for getting hurt but that ain’t right. I would blame the Knicks/Nets for being sorry but they can’t help it. I think these teams all should collectively take the blame for the East being a mess: Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Cavaliers, and Pistons. All of them should be ashamed of themselves, if the conference doesn’t shape up we could see the Bucks making a playoff push.


Just kidding.

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