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Will the WNBA Ever Be Popular?

Will the WNBA Ever Be Popular?

Aug 31, 2013

So it’s late August, I haven’t watched NBA basketball since June. The preseason doesn’t begin until October. This is sad, very sad. SO what’s an NBA junkie like myself to do during this dark time? Watch WNBA basketball?

I don’t know why but that just doesn’t seem like a legit answer. Why would a basketball junkie possibly watch the WNBA to fulfill their basketball needs? The real question is why isn’t this what us basketball junkies do?

It’s very simple, basketball is on, so we should watch it. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, women or men. If you love the game you have to stop and take a look. It’s the same game just a lot of different players. But still this is hard for a lot of people to fully commit to. A lot of times WNBA basketball isn’t even broadcasted on normal cable. The only reason I’m watching it now is because I have NBA TV.

Another problem here is that not only are there not many outlets to watch WNBA but there is literally no promotion for the league. It’s pretty much treated like the NBA D-League and we all know that has no buzz in the mass media world. It’s just a shame though really, instead of advertising the WNBA during the NBA offseason, they just throw it out there as if they don’t care.

I just feel like this is crazy that the WNBA’s popularity is so low. Women’s College Basketball is pretty popular in certain places, you would think people would watch at least just to follow the players they used to watch in college. Last year in an article I wrote for The Carolinian (Greensboro, NC), I even suggested that they lower the rims so we could see some dunks in the WNBA.

I thought that the appearance of Brittney Griner would give the league some sort of momentum but her rookie season has been a bit of a disappointment. There are countless stars within the league but the ones that people actually know of can be counted on one hand. We got Candace Parker, Tamika Catching, Diana Taurasi, and now Griner. Who else is there though, I know but do you?

People only watch what you tell them to watch. Nobody’s telling the public to watch WNBA basketball do nobodies doing it. After sitting here and enjoying the game I know that it’s not the talent level that holds people back from watching. It has to come down to the promotion. I rarely see a WNBA add that isn’t on NBA TV and I don’t see that changing either. Hopefully one day it will.

Was good though, it's me Everick Davis Jr. Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia, I'm currently a senior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. I watch every sport (not so much golf) but I am huge on the NBA. My favorite players right now are J.R. Smith, Russell Westbrook & Nick Young. Drinking beer and watching sports is my favorite past time and I do it year round! I used to play basketball on the regular until everyone else kept growing and I still stood at 5'6. So that's when I channeled my efforts into becoming the next Stephen A Smith or anything close to that. I currently write for "The Carolinian" newspaper in Greensboro, NC and intern for Random Fact about me, I love anime, my favorite one is One Piece! Second random fact, I got beatz! check me out

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