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Think you have what it takes to be a sports writer? Give us your best shot!

We’ll provide the stage for you to make your point and do it in a way that is appealing to our audience. It’s important to bring forth an angle that will spark their interest in the topic of choice.

Why Write a Post for SportsPassionNet

How many times have you read a sports article on your favorite sport or team and thought why did I just waste 10 minutes reading this empty blog post? Today, too many writers are writing without rightfully expressing the passion and knowledge needed to fill the need of a passionate sports lover.

Are you a passionate sports fan that has a lot to say about sports and/or your favorite team? The name of this website is Sports Passion for a reason. We are looking to give you an opportunity to combine your passion for your favorite team with your knowledge of the sport.

The Sports Passion community is constantly growing and we are seen by thousands of viewers each month looking to read sports news and related articles.

As a reader, you know that the writer’s tone expressed in their work is extremely important. It is what keeps the reader’s attention. You don’t have to be an expert to write sports articles, you just have to have the knowledge, the passion and the ability to engage your audience.

What We Are Looking For

Individuals with sports knowledge and passion for sports. We are looking for those individuals who can present appealing articles in the form of game recaps, reports, analysis, opinions (not rants), and/or humor.

You don’t have to have a journalism degree to be a good sports writer, you just have to have knowledge of sports and a passion to get your point across to the audience.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring writers to gain recognition and exposure. Your articles will be seen by thousands each month. If you are looking to build your resume as a sports writer, what better way to get started than with us? We are providing you the platform and the audience, you are bringing your sports passion!

What We Are Not Looking For

Plagiarized content. If you are passionate about sports than it should be easy to generate quality content for your sports articles, with that being said you should not have to pass someone else’s work as your own.

You must submit original work. We will check for plagiarism! You must either have permission to upload any photos or other graphics, or you must provide us with a reference if you sourced them from the public domain.

How to Write a Post for SportsPassionNet

What good is it to write an article that no one will read? It’s important to write it, so they’ll read it! We have provided some very helpful tips to help you become the best writer on SportsPassionNet.

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Let your work do the talking for you. Our editors have the right to make adjustments to articles at our discretion.

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