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With an aging Tom Brady, lack of proven receivers and an unreliable defense the Patriot’s have changed their playing styles almost seamlessly in the midst of the season. We have grown accustomed to Patriot’s offenses that would put up record numbers and push defenses to their breaking points. High-powered offenses like 2007 saw the Patriot’s scoring close to forty points a game. The last few weeks we have seen the Patriots change to an old smash mouth type of football that seems to be fitting the Patriot’s personnel more effectively. With an all pro lineman like Logan Mankins, two power backs in Ridley and Blount, and a Hall of Fame Quarterback like Tom Brady that can read a defense and set up the perfect running play and possesses the ability to hurt a defense when they begin to get too aggressive.

With the league as a whole changing to high-powered offenses, it is great to see New England fighting the urge and staying committed to a balanced attack that allows the ability to attack the defense in multiple ways.

The balanced attack firing on all cylinders it has allowed receivers like Julian Edelman to bloom and truly develop the way Patriot’s fans thought he could. Allowing Wes Welker to walk and having total faith in Julian Edelman has proven beneficial. And with a capable running attack it has opened the door for smaller receivers such as Edelman and Amendola to strive in this year’s offense.

Losing Gronkowski was obviously a big loss to the Patriot’s offense but it has allowed to the Patriot’s to become less reliant on one player and become a better-rounded offensive attack.

They have been able to control the clock, control their mistakes, and ultimately control the game. Moving forward into the playoffs, you can look for the Patriot’s to stick the ground and pound game to control the pace of the game. With the Patriot’s sticking to a traditional game plan they can control the way the game goes and are poised for a long playoff run.

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