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Analyzing the Bulls/Cavs Trade

Analyzing the Bulls/Cavs Trade

Jan 7, 2014

The Cavaliers did something right for once. They took a risk and it somehow paid off. Lets stop one second and clap for the Cavs, they deserve this one.

(Round of Applause)

Alright now that were past that, lets talk about what the Cavs did so right. The Cavaliers somehow found a trade partner for the disgruntled Andrew Bynum. After rumors about a potential Pau Gasol trade and the terrifying thought of them actually trading for Richard Jefferson, the Cavs somehow pulled off a deal to get Luol Deng from the Chicago Bulls.

With Bynums attitude and lack of production this year, I thought that the Cavs would just end up waiving the big guy. Instead, all they had to do was add in two second round picks and a first rounder from the Sacramento Kings (which will surely be a high pick) on top of Bynum and now they have  Luol Deng.

Acquiring Deng will be huge for the Cavs. They haven’t had a good small forward since LeBron James left the team, 4 years ago. Deng will bring a lot of defense, durability (if they don’t run him to the ground like the Bulls did last season) and a well balanced offense. In other words, Deng will give them what you would ideally want in a small forward. He is a all star caliber player (even if I hate to admit it), and his contract expires after this season. Deng should be a big enough factor on the Cavs to help them make the playoffs in this weak Eastern Conference. If things don’t work out then they have no contractual obligation to him, if it does work out they can most likely resign him to a price he likes. The Cavs definitely are winners here.

Now as for the Bulls, this is a great move. Its time to move on from this current gang of players. The Rose-Deng-Boozer-Noah crew has been effective and down right dominant in its peak but that’s not the case any longer. With Derrick Rose out for another year, it was time for the Bulls to make a move, to either have a better future or a better present. Trading Deng for draft picks will give them a chance at a better future. None of these cour players are getting any better and have proven that they can’t carry the load without Rose. There has also been word that their looking to amnesty Carlos Boozer this summer, which will save them even more money. The Bulls are definitely waiving Bynum today so that’ll be even more money saved.

Since the Bulls are all busted up right now, it looks like they’re tanking. There isn’t any better time to tank, and get a high pick in the loaded 2014 draft. The Bulls will have a few picks this draft and will have cap space, so don’t be surprised if a super team is coming out of Chicago next year. The team tried to compete with what they have but it didn’t work. The Bulls are going on in a new direction and that makes them winners as well.

Unlike most trades, this one helps out both teams in various ways. Now lets see if the Cavs can make a push with their new small forward, and what is the fate of the rest of the Bulls core players?




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