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Kevin Durant Has Reached New Level

Kevin Durant Has Reached New Level

Jan 30, 2014

I had my doubts because of last years playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies. I felt like even with Westbrook out the Thunder could take the Grizzlies but instead they lost the series 4-1. I felt like Durant deserved some blame but his teammates were heavily at fault for leaving him hanging at one of the most important times of the season. I thought that when Westbrook got back things would go back to normal for the Thunder, and they did until he got hurt again.

Now the opinion of Kevin Durant has completely morphed from a superstar to something above that. I guess for lack of a better term he is now super duper star (don’t hate), as he has risen his game to a new level that is almost unmatched. I saw a little bit of what him and the Thunder did to the Miami Heat last night, and it proves exactly why Durant has become so special. He’s reached one of the ultimate baller levels now.

Right now KD is on a crazy scoring tear where he’s scoring over 30 points in the last 12 games. The streak is behind only Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant. The way he is scoring though is what makes this guy so good. He isn’t just taking a million shots at the expense of his teammates but he’s taking good shots and is getting his teammates involved. Durant has full faith in his teammates and will willingly give them the ball, he’s improved as a passer and has been more active on the glass and defense. He has versified his game where he can be relied on to do it all. He’s not missing a lot of shots either which is important because its not all about the points but how efficient were those points.

Personally I always thought the guys around Durant were wack (Sefalosa, Ibaka, Perkins) but now thats changing. I can see the progression in Ibaka for sure and Sefalosa is ok in my book for now. Perkins is a topic for another day. I never thought that Durant helped elevate their games but now I can say that he has. Durant has now entered into the LeBron level.



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