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Monta Ellis Making a Push for the All-Star Team

Monta Ellis Making a Push for the All-Star Team

Nov 21, 2013

Mark D. Smith|USA Today Sports

Monta Ellis has never been known as a star, a borderline star would probably be the best assesment for Ellis as a player for the last few years. He’s been that guy who’s always on a bad team but constantly getting gone numbers. Now back in the days of the Allen Iversons, the Tracy McGradys and the Vince Carters, Ellis would probably be a star because percentages and analytics didn’t matter, it was how many buckets did you get. Well now since we live in a world where analytics matter more than ever when assessing a player, Ellis has pretty much been an after thought when it comes to rewarding players for their good performances. Then taking into the fact that his teams were usually really bad (he was apart of those medicore Bucks that Taylor Hildebrand broke down), Ellis was always just getting stats that meant nothing, a term I like to call “garbage points”.

So when this offseason came around, Monta Ellis expected to get offers from countless teams, but um yeah that kind of didn’t happen. So a little while after all the top tier stars were signed, thats when Ellis ( a second tier player in that free agency class) was picked up by the Dallas Mavericks on what  I would call a pretty solid deal for his services (3 years for about 25 mil). The expectations for Ellis and the Mavericks weren’t low but they weren’t high either. In other words, this team just didn’t look like a team to be worried about if your in the Western Conference. Now after a few weeks of NBA basketball I can say that the Mavericks are looking pretty good, and thats in part because of Monta Ellis.

His reputation as a guy who jacks a lot has been altered a bit as he’s now passing the ball with confidence. Now having Dirk Nowitzki as a teammate, Ellis is really working on his combo guard skills, throwing slick passes and not worrying about scoring as much. As a result hes actually scoring more often now because he’s getting the ball moving and his teammates involved. This may sound crazy but because of Ellis, its looking like Dirk isnt needed to be the number one option in Dallas and is adjusting to being a secondary scoring option by Ellis.

This year the stats aren’t misleading. Monta Ellis is averaging 23 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assist on a team that now sits at 8-4. If Ellis can keep this up he may be able to sneak his way into the NBA All-Star game.

That may be a really tough feat though as Ellis will have a lot of competition for a guard spot. Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant are automatic starters, so that territory shouldn’t even be touched. Then you have Russell Westbrook, who will definately make the team because well the guy is kind of a monster. Then we have James Harden who’s the leader for the Houston Rockets and after Stephen Curry was snubbed last season, it would be a tradegy if he didn’t make the team.  Last years allstar squad featured 5 guards and 7 forwards, and if I counted right thats five guards that I listed that are pretty much automatic. Then I didn’t even include Tony Parker, who will only not make the team if the coaches forget about him and the Spurs which could potentially happen (they’re so low key). So making the all-star team could be a huge feat but non the less I think if he keeps  this production (and the Mavs continue to win games) Monta Ellis should make the all-star team.

If any year this should be the year for Ellis to get some credit, he’s actually playing well so I think he deserves it. Theres been countless players to make the all-star team that’ll make you raise an eyebrow but Ellis making the team this year won’t be one of them. Hopefully he can keep up the production, because if last nights 37 point explosion against the Rockets didn’t prove anything, it proved that this guy is entertaining.

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