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NFC Championship Prediction: Something’s Gotta Give

Game Information: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers @ Century Link Field (SEA) on Sunday (Jan 19th, 2014) @ 6:30pm EST, TV: FOX.

Injury report (via ESPN, updated on Jan. 16th- click here for updated results):

Seattle Seahawks: Percy Harvin (WR) questionable with a concussion.

San Francisco 49ers: Carlos Rodgers (CB) Questionable with a hamstring injury.

Previous matchups: – Week 2: 29-3 Seattle won in Seattle, Week 14:19-17 San Francisco won in San Francisco.


Keys to the game:

Seattle Seahawks: Pressure Colin Kaepernick to make tough passing decisions.

San Francisco 49ers: Use all of the offensive weapons to over power Seattle’s secondary.

Game Analysis: On September 26th, 1976 The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers met for first time in NFL history. Thirty-seven years later these two teams are still fighting for a chance at the Lombardi trophy. The 49ers already have five of them but the Seahawks just want one to make them proud. The 49ers had a thirty-year head start plus two great quarterbacks to help achieve these five Superbowl victories. While the Seahawks have only had one shot at the Lombardi, they have missed many chances to make in the past. In their thirty-seven year history they have thirteen playoff appearances but one only shot to win all. In 2006, the Seahawks finally made to the Superbowl but they couldn’t overcome “the Steel Curtain.”  Over the years we have seen the game of NFL change from a defense based to offense-based league but these clubs have always stuck to defense first.

While the AFC Championship is all about great offense, the NFC Championship is all about great defense. Both Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh focus heavily on superb defense that can’t be matched by many others around the NFL. Their styles and schemes don’t follow common defense but it’s hard to argue with such great results. On one side the best front seven that ever existed and on the other the tallest cornerbacks to ever play in the NFL.

With monikers like “the Legion of Boom” and “The Blue Wave” there’s good reason to be scared of the Seahawks defense. On top of a great defense they also have the loudest stadium in the NFL. “What?” “I can’t hear you!” “I said the loudest stadium in the NFL.” “What?” “Oh, forget it.” With a record-breaking crowd noise of 136 decibels it’s almost the equivalent of standing next to a military jet taking off. All of these factors give the Seahawks an enormous home-field advantage but it won’t be enough to stop the red-hot 49ers.

Last season the 49ers had a great team that took them all the way to the Superbowl. After a season like that it’s hard to improve on such a great roster, but with some left over cap space the 49ers got Anquan Boldin for a steal. Now the Seahawks must face a fully healthy 49ers team for the first time this season. With offensive weapons such as: Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Vernon Davis the 49ers will be hard to stop. Eventually Kaepernick and his powerful offense will over power this top-notch defense making their way to the Superbowl.

While this matchup relies heavily on defense, the only way to beat a great defense is with an even greater offense. In years past the team who is “hot” have found their way to the promise land and this season should be no different. In a few weeks we will see the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers face-off for the second time in Superbowl history. No matter what happens in the Championship round, Superbowl forty-eight will be an amazing game.

Score Prediction: 28-17 San Francisco 49ers win.

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