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Parker, Sparks Eliminated from the Playoffs Again

Parker, Sparks Eliminated from the Playoffs Again

Sep 24, 2013

Ok last nights deciding game 3 between the Los Angeles Sparks and Phoenix Mercury was so damn live! The entire game was a back and forth battle. Everybody on the court seemed to be on point and locked in and focused for the win. Candace Parker said that he focus was on the playoffs and winning a ring, so I expected a win from her, as she’s the MVP but the Mercury got the win from an unexpected player.

The first half went well for both teams, as they continued to go back and forth throughout the first half. The stars showed up as Dianne Turasi was getting buckets and leading the charge even though she was having an off game from the field. Candace Parker on the other side was doing her thing as usual, running the offense and making the offesne. What surprised me was how the injured Kristi Toliver stepped up. In the last game she didnt do to well because of a foot injury but last night she was just as fast as ever, and drained a lot of big shots. She finished with 22 points, a great turn around from the 8 he scored last game.

As much as Tolliver surprised me, I think Candace Dupree dropping 20 in the half was even more shocking. That Turasi-Dupree pick and roll was pretty much unstoppable, as everytime I looked Dupree was in the paint alone laying it up. Of course that eventually came to a end as she only finished with 22 points.

The second half was just as action packed as the first but it all came down to the last minute. First Candace Parker hits the go ahead bucket with 7 seconds left to give the Sparks a 1 point lead. Then when it came back to the Mercury, it was  expected to be in Turasis hands but somehow the struggling Brittney Griner ends up with the ball and splashing a midrange jumper with 5 seconds left. The Sparks had one more chance but blew it. They gave it to Parker who was being heavily doubled teamed, and with no one to pass to she threw up a ridiculous ass shot and bricked it. So yeah bad communication and good defense from the Mercury ended the Sparks playoff run.

Maybe next time Candace.

Was good though, it's me Everick Davis Jr. Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia, I'm currently a senior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. I watch every sport (not so much golf) but I am huge on the NBA. My favorite players right now are J.R. Smith, Russell Westbrook & Nick Young. Drinking beer and watching sports is my favorite past time and I do it year round! I used to play basketball on the regular until everyone else kept growing and I still stood at 5'6. So that's when I channeled my efforts into becoming the next Stephen A Smith or anything close to that. I currently write for "The Carolinian" newspaper in Greensboro, NC and intern for Random Fact about me, I love anime, my favorite one is One Piece! Second random fact, I got beatz! check me out

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