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Predicting the NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round

The NFL regular season finally ended this weekend after 17 long weeks. 20 teams are finished for the year, and will have a pretty long break until they play again. The NFL season pretty much runs about as long as one college semester, but the part that we all really want to see is nothing but a week away. Now that the elite teams have shown their dominance and the losers showed where they need improvement, its time for the playoffs to begin.

Now I’m not going to go and pick the SuperBowl teams just yet but I will take a look at the four wild card games that are coming up. Predictions are always fun because they either make me sound really smart or like a complete idiot, but non the less, here we go.


San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

These are two teams that I can honestly say weren’t really on my radar, no knock against them both, just didn’t get enough coverage. This one should be a good game as we have a top five offense (Charges) going against a top 5 defense (Bengals). I don’t expect this one to be a very high scoring game (nothing near the 40’s or 50’s) but I expect a good hard fought game.

Predicted Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

This team posted a 11-5 record which can speak for itself.On top of having a top 5 defense, they also have a top ten offense. I think Dalton and the boys should take this one.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Indianapolis Colts

Man now this one should be intense. After letting go of Peyton Manning a year ago, the Colts have been rocking with Andrew Luck and have looked pretty good doing it. The Colts are usually good so this really come as no surprise. If it wasn’t for Manning and fellow old timer Tom Brady being in this division, the Colts probably wouldn’t be in the wildcard, and would have a week off until the divisional round. As for the Chiefs, shoot they surprised a lot of people this season. They weren’t projected to be this good. After looking damn near unstoppable during the first half of the season, the Chiefs have finally slowed down.

Predicted Winner: Indianapolis Colts

No disrespect to the Chiefs to but the Colts should take this one. The Chiefs Cinderella story ended a while ago, they finished the season beating teams that they should beat, but losing to elite teams. The Colts are one of those elite teams, even with a middle of the pack ranked offense, I just don’t see why Luck and the boys don’t pull this one out.


New Orleans Saints vs Philadelphia Eagles

Here goes another match-up that could rightfully go either way. We got two teams that had their ups and downs this season, and two teams that just clinched their spots. This sounds like one of those games that’ll go down to the wire and be decided on controversial play or a field goal. Drew Brees vs Nick Foles, oh man.

Predicted Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Aright I wasn’t buying the Foles hype early on but you know what, I can’t argue the numbers. This guy is doing things right in Philly and has turned this team into a high powered offense. The Eagles offense is what I think will ultimately get them the victory, as they just overall better at all aspects of offense than the Saints.

San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers

The Packers record wouldn’t suggest a playoff team but you know what they handled their business on Sunday and that’s why their here now. That has to count for something. The 49ers on the other hand were expected to be in the playoffs. Fresh off a SuperBowl appearance last season, the 49ers are back and are looking to make their way back. This will be another match-up highlighted by the quarterbacks, two star qbs at that; Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick.

Predicted Winner: San Fransico 49ers

These Packers won’t just roll over and let the 49ers win, but the 49ers should take this one. Offensively their lead by Kaepernick but the 49ers are a good defensive squad as well. I’m taking the 49ers with this one.


Now this weekend should be interesting. I know I’m going to be wrong on some stuff (hopefully not all of it) but this should be interesting. This is just what I think though, what about you guys?


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