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The 10 Best and Worst Value Fantasy Football Draft Picks of 2013

The 10 Best and Worst Value Fantasy Football Draft Picks of 2013

Oct 17, 2013

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

I sense you want the good news; everybody always wants the good news first.

It’s great news, really. If you picked any of the following players in your fantasy football draft this year they will likely take you to the promise land called the fantasy playoffs. Can you say ‘bragging rights’? Of course you can. Hell, you’ve probably been gloating since week 2 and you’re borderline unbearable on Sundays.

The following players have been absolutely killin’ it on the football field this season. As such, these men can ask for directions, cry during romantic comedies, and play Dance Dance Revolution in their spare time if they want to.

Here are the top 10 most valuable fantasy football draft picks in 2013.

10. Jordan Cameron – Thru 6 Games 73pts – ADP129.4 TE14 – Current Position Rank 4

Jordan Cameron is the fourth highest rated TE in fantasy football and he plays for the Browns… that’s right, the Cleveland Browns. He plays for the same Browns that have had two different starting QB’s already through the first 6 games this year. As a late draft pick, at a very weak position, Jordan Cameron has been great value for fantasy owners and is a glimmer of hope for the historically pessimistic Browns franchise.

9. Reggie Bush – Thru 6 Games 77pts – ADP 41.3 RB19 – Current Position Rank 8

Reggie Bush not only leads teams to fantasy glory but also inspires great fantasy team names (e.g. Shaving Reggie’s Bush). Despite missing playing time this season due to injury, Reggie has burned opposing defenses when he has been on the field. The Lions are a different team when Bush plays; if he can stay healthy the rest of the year Reggie is a smokin’ value draft pick.

8. Kansas City Chiefs D/ST – Thru 6 Games 114pts – ADP 170 D/ST18 – Current Position Rank 1

I know this seems weird, but at least its better than a kicker. In reality the Chiefs defense and special teams unit is actually the 5th highest ranked fantasy player overall! They have put up crazy numbers in 2013, scoring more than 20+ in all but a single game. The Chiefs D/ST has five TDs and 18 turnovers in only six games. Andy Reid isn’t known for his defense but if the Chiefs keep this up he just might be next year.

7. Philadelphia Quarterbacks

Michael Vick –  Thru 6 Games 98pts – ADP 106.3 QB15 – Current Position Rank 9

Nick Foles –  Thru 3 Games 49pts – Undrafted

There was a lot of speculation before the season, who would win the starting QB job in Philly? Many questioned if Foles had the athleticism and if Vick had the smarts to run Chip Kelly’s high paced offense. As it turns out, Kelly’s system is one size fits all for Philly QB’s. Vick was an easy QB2 draft choice and a ballsy QB1. On the other hand, it required a little clairvoyance (or luck) to see Nick Foles fantasy potential. Either way, whoever starts at QB for the Eagles in week 8 against the NY (little) Giants is a must start in fantasy.

6. Tony Romo – Thru 6 Games 115pts – ADP 80.7 QB 12 – Current Position Rank 4

It seems like the hate of Tony Romo has been growing louder each year of his career and this year the hate finally went too far. The man has weapons aplenty and the play calling duties have been wrestled from the soulless ginger, Jason Garrett. Whether or not Romo can finally make a run in the NFL playoffs is irrelevant to fantasy. He has been torching questionable secondaries all year and come time for fantasy playoffs Romo faces Green Bay (week 15), Washington (16) and Philadelphia (17). Expect him to quiet the fantasy haters late in the season.

5. Jimmy Graham – Thru 5 Games 93pts – ADP 31.1 TE1 – Current Position Rank 1

Graham was injured in week 6 against the Patriots and did not score but warrants a very special mention. No other player on this list was ranked #1 at their position prior to the start of the season. In 2013 Jimmy Graham is doing something insane at TE. Prior to week 6 Graham scored more points than any other WR or RB, and outscored all but 6 QBs. In 3 of the 6 games this year Graham scored 20+ fantasy points, and has as many TDs (6) as games played (6). Through week 5 Graham had 593 receiving yards and was on pace to have the most receiving yards for a TE, and second most receiving yards at any position, in NFL history. Jimmy Graham. Is. A. Beast.

4. Philip Rivers – Thru 6 Games 119pts – ADP 135.5 QB24 – Current Position Rank 3

In real life this guy is a bonafide douchebag, but this year for fantasy purposes Rivers is a stud. In 2013 Rivers was drafted late in the 15th round. His meteoric fall from fantasy relevance can likely be attributed to the fact that in 2011 and 2012 he combined to throw more interceptions than number of games played. It may also have something to do with the fact he’s a dick (like giving the middle finger to fans kind of dick). This year Rivers is the third highest ranked fantasy player, making him an extraordinary value for being such late draft pick. If you can forgive yourself for drafting Rivers (and you shouldn’t) then you’re probably thrilled with the fantasy production you’re getting. Keep in mind, by drafting Rivers you may have brought wins to your fantasy team but you have also brought shame upon your family.

3. Fred Jackson – Thru 6 Games 71pts – ADP 124.5 RB – Current Position Rank 9 

Regarding how the Bills would use RB C.J. Spiller this year Bills’ offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said, “We’re going to give him the ball until he throws up.” What we should have heard was “We’re going to give him the ball until he’s injured.” Enter Fred Jackson, the best handcuff draft pick in any fantasy draft this year. Matthew Berry said of Fred Jackson “He’s being drafted like he’s dead.” He most certainly is not dead; Jackson is the 9th highest ranked fantasy RB this season, but was regularly the 42nd RB off draft boards. Jackson has had double digit fantasy points in every game but one, and four touchdowns through six games. When C.J. Spiller returns to full health the pair will likely split carries, this may diminish Jackson’s yards per game but will likely enable him to stay healthy all year. Hurrah for Fred Jackson owners!

2. Desean Jackson – Thru 6 Games 87pts – ADP 71.9 WR26- Current Position Rank 1

Desean Jackson, DaShow Jackson, Da-left-you-in-his-dust Jackson. Whatever nickname you dream up, this guy can live up to it. It seemingly doesn’t matter who is throwing him the ball, if the QB can see him that far down field they’ll notice he has the coverage beat. Jackson wasn’t drafted until the 7th to 8th round in most fantasy drafts and is currently the highest rated fantasy WR. Putting fantasy into stock market terms, this is basically like buying Apple stock in the late nineties.

1. The Denver Broncos – Currently Unbeaten

This was the only option for #1. If your league were to re-draft tomorrow you should draft the Denver broncos, seriously. Even Matt Prater, the Broncos kicker, has more points (72) than over 90% of the league including Demarco Murray (71),  A.J.Green (69),  Frank Gore (67), Larry Fitzgerald (60), and Calvin Johnson (55).

If you drafted Manning, Welker, D.Thomas, Decker, J. Thomas, Moreno, and Prater and then spent the rest of the draft selecting Spice Girls, you still could have won all of your match-ups so far.

  • Week 1 – 128 combined points
  • Week 2 – 87 combined points
  • Week 3 – 95 combined points
  • Week 4 – 106 combined points
  • Week 5 – 125 combined points
  • Week 6 – 78 combined points

(scoring in standard ESPN leagues)

Peyton Manning is clearly the key ingredient to this tasty fantasy pie; he is making every one on the Broncos’ offense better. Even the always injured, and nearly released, Knowshon Moreno is looking sprightly again. Every week, against every defense they play, any Broncos player you own should be in your starting line-up.

Now for the bad news… you knew this was coming.

The bad news is you may have utterly wasted a draft pick on one of the following football players. The worst part, you probably thought you were a genius when you made the pick. Every year there are players that are highly touted by the talking heads and we listen, then we experience annual feeling of fantasy regret.

These are the top 10 worst value fantasy football draft picks of 2013. Some players may sneak their way off of this list and put up enough fantasy points over the rest of the season to show their faces in public again. But as of right now these players probably don’t leave their homes unless they are going to practice. A grocery store can be a hostile place when the cashier just lost his fantasy matchup because player X couldn’t hold onto the damn ball or player Y kept throwing the ball to the wrong team (*coughmattschuab*).

10. Tom Brady – Thru 6  Games 79pts – ADP 20 QB4 – Current Position Ranking 16

In the real world Brady is hitting his WRs with the football in the hands, on the numbers, and in the face only to watch the passes drop to the ground. The Patriots are no doubt still winning because of Brady but your fantasy team probably isn’t. Brady currently ranks just above RGIII (6TDs,5INTs), Geno Smith (7TDs,10INTs), and Eli Manning (9TDs, 15INTs). Brady’s stats just don’t justify being taken at the end of the second round, the 4th QB overall. (Silver Lining: Things may improve when the Gronk monster returns.)

9. Lamar Miller – Thru 6 Games 31pts – ADP58.4 RB23 – Current Position Rank 37

Miller was basically drafted as a mid-round potential RB2, what he has turned into is Daniel Thomas redux. Like Daniel Thomas from a few years ago, Miller has yet to have a solid fantasy outing. Before the season no one really knew what to expect of the Dolphins offense.  After six games one thing is for sure, they aren’t a running team. At best Miller is a matchup play, at worst the dolphins may be drafting another RB in next years draft.

8. Monte Ball – Thru 6 Games 10pts – ADP 64.6 RB24 – Current Position Rank 68

Another mid round pick wasted on a guy many expected to be the lead back in Denver. The backfield in Denver was a mystery prior to the season, many pointed at the first round draft pick from Wisconsin. Everyone seemed to forget that this was Peyton Manning’s offense and he likes to have a veteran who can pick up the blitz. Ball’s biggest game came against the Raiders who were beaten early, he had 61yds and a fumble. I feel safe saying Ball can be dropped in all standard, non-keeper leagues. Bust.

7. Danny Amendola – Thru 6 Games 15pts – ADP 50.2 WR17 – Current Position Ranking 82

Who really expected this guy to play a full season, let alone fill the giant shoes of Wes Welker? Seriously, I want names. Hopefully no one reached too far for the sure-to-be-injured-at-some-point Amendola. There is a trove of WR’s who have scored more points; for example, Justin Blackmon was suspended the first four games of the season and has over double the points (38) on the worst team in the league. (speaking of the Jags…)

6. Maurice Jones-Drew – Thru 6 Games 40pts – ADP 31.4 RB16 – Current Position Rank 27 

2013 is a contract year for MJD and he was widely expected to put gaudy numbers to support his case for a big payday next season. Unfortunately for MJD he finds himself on the woeful Jacksonville Somethings. There is only so much one man can do, we all should have seen this coming.

5. Roddy White – Thru 6 Games 10pts – ADP 30.7 WR7 – Current Position Rank 94

Roddy Who? For a moment I thought Roddy White had six bye weeks to start the season. If you drafted the former stud WR this year you are justifiably upset. When drafting White you probably thought you were getting a WR2, maybe a low end WR1. What you actually drafted was the biggest WR bust of the season. White has been battling an injury since the preseason but we’ve seen White power through injuries before and put up solid numbers. In general the Falcons have surprised a lot of people with their poor start and White has been one of many players to disappoint in Atlanta this season.

4. Colin Kaepernick – Thru 6 games 76pts – ADP 34 QB6 – Current Position Rank 19

In four of the six games so far this season Kaep has thrown for fewer than 200 yards and the run game from last year has all but disappeared. Likely the Niners are pulling back on the reins after seeing what happened to RGIII. Kaep has been touted by so many as having the potential to be the best QB of all time. The talent and drive are most cetainly there. But so far this season we have yet to see Kaepernick take control of the a game in the way we expect. No doubt a bright, bright future for Kaepernick, but so far this year he has disappointed fantasy owners.

3. Steven Jackson – Thru 6 Games 17pts – ADP 18.9 RB11 – Current Position Rank – 56 

Old man Jackson as they call him… everywhere. There were promises here that were not kept. The prospect of one of the best short yardage backs going to a team that struggled mightily with short yardage touchdowns last season seemed like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, father time has caught up with Jackson and he hasn’t played since week two. Yet another casualty of the sorrowful 2013 Falcons.

2. C.J. Spiller – Thru 6 Games 39pts – ADP 10.4 RB7 – Current Position Rank 28 

The other side of the coin. While Fred Jackson was a steal in the late rounds of fantasy drafts C.J. Spiller has done nothing to warrant a first round pick. Spiller has only a single 100+ rushing yard effort this season which was followed by a 9 yard effort. He averages 50 yards a game and has a single touchdown through six games. I’ll let the stats speak for themselves. Give a wide berth to Spiller owners, they have plenty of reasons to be pissed.

1. Ray Rice – Thru 6 Games 37pts – ADP 5.9 RB4 – Current Position Rank 32

At this point we need to start considering the very real possibility that Ray Rice called John Harbaugh’s mom fat. Thus explaining Harbaugh’s vendetta as the reason why Rice will never have enough touches to run for 100+ yards in a game. Whatever is happening in Baltimore with Ray Rice, fantasy owners vehemently disapprove of the play calling. Im quite certain while watching a Ravens game I heard an elderly woman’s voice shout “Are you (expletive) stupid, feed him the (expletive) ball!” Then again it is Baltimore, that could be considered dinner conversation.


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