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The Knicks to Waive Chris Smith

This should of happened a long time ago. This probably should of happened during the preseason, when Smith competed for a spot on the New York Knicks roster and somehow got the spot. Now the Knicks have finally come to their senses and waived Chris Smith, the younger brother of last seasons 6th Man of the Year award, JR Smith.

Things should of never gotten this far with Smith and the Knicks. I think it was a nice enough gesture of them to include him on their Summer League roster and very nice to let him hang out on the preseason roster. Then they shocked us all by keeping him on the roster for the actual NBA season. It was already known that the Knicks had little big men depth behind Tyson Chandler, so picking up a veteran big man probably should of been the move. Instead they let Cole Aldrich (who is extremely garbage) get a roster spot alongside, Smith and Toure Murry (who deserved that damn spot by the way).

Now the Knicks have finally done something right and have decided to get rid of Smith. I mean lets be real, Smith was called one of the worst players in the league by rival executives, and didn’t do much to prove his worth. Then the fact that his big brother is JR Smith makes this situation even worse.

When the Golden State Warriors signed Stephen Currys brother, Seth to their preseason roster, it was understandable. Curry is a very great player and the leader for the team, his brother could have similar potential right?

With the Knicks, that is not the case. JR Smith is a straight up knuckle head, who shoots too much (and doesn’t make much of those shots), and is constantly finding himself in trouble. Why the hell would you want two JRs?

I have no clue who the Knicks are going to pick up with Smiths spot no longer occupied but I doubt it will a player that can make a difference anyway. This is just another example of the type of season the Knicks have put us NBA fans through. Now the real question is have we seen the last of Chris Smith? My guess, nope, not as long as there’s a team in New York.



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