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The Return of the NBA Dunk Contest

One thing about the NBA is that they listen. People had been saying that the dunk contest has been lame for the last few years. The NBA could of just threw out the same no name players for the dunk contest or keep trying pull gimmicks to get people to watch, instead they went out this year and got some legit stars to come out and play. The NBA Dunk Contest will feature 3 all stars this year as well as three rising stars.

The last time the dunk contest was good it featured an all star: Blake Griffin. As much as people wanted to hate on him jumping over a Kia to win, you gotta admit everything about that dunk was sensational. Most gimmicks that go on in the dunk contest were lame but Griffin had Baron Davis pull up in a Kia, Kenny Smith on the microphone hyping him up and a choir singing R. Kelly  ‘s classic “I Believe I Can Fly”. The best part was his opponent in the end was Javale McGee of all people.

After that the dunk contest went down hill. I consider myself a pretty well informed NBA fan, shoot I been writing articles bout the NBA for a few years now. I had never heard of Jeremy Evans before the dunk contest. That is a serious problem. He was in the last two very boring dunk contest. I want to say that he single handily ruined the dunk contest for me but its not his fault its the leagues fault for letting it happen.

This year will be different. This dunk contest is going to be crazy. They have a legit superstar in Paul George, a rising star in John Wall,  and then they got Damian Lillard who will play in every event this year. They brought back last years champ Terrence Ross, who put the NBA on notice when he dropped 51 points this season. Then we have rookie Ben McLemore who has some bunnies and Harrison Barnes who can throw it down as well.

When I look at that list I don’t have to ask “who is that” or “can he even dunk”. This has been the first time I’ve been excited about the dunk contest in a while. I really don’t know who I’m picking here, honestly everyone has a chance to win this one. These guys better not disappoint we finally got some names in the contest.

Was good though, it's me Everick Davis Jr. Born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia, I'm currently a senior at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. I watch every sport (not so much golf) but I am huge on the NBA. My favorite players right now are J.R. Smith, Russell Westbrook & Nick Young. Drinking beer and watching sports is my favorite past time and I do it year round! I used to play basketball on the regular until everyone else kept growing and I still stood at 5'6. So that's when I channeled my efforts into becoming the next Stephen A Smith or anything close to that. I currently write for "The Carolinian" newspaper in Greensboro, NC and intern for Random Fact about me, I love anime, my favorite one is One Piece! Second random fact, I got beatz! check me out

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  1. Alfred Marzan /

    Wow… last time dunk contest was “good” was when Blake was on it??? He RUINED that contest & made it into a car commercial. Blake shouldn’t even have been in the finals, the whole thing was a blatant set-up by NBA & Kia.

    The dunk contest didn’t go downhill after Blake. It went down DURING Blake. Can people even remember a dunk Bake did before the car dunk??? Probably not be cause they weren’t great. Demar Derozan did a dunk similar to Blake.. but finished with a 360 instead of a plain windmill. And got a lower score. That’s how bad that contest was. There’s a reason Blake has said no to the contest since that win…

    The problem with the dunk contest isn’t the dunkers anymore… its the spectators that just wanna see bigger names doing not-so-spectacular things for a spectacle over actual creative dunks.

    • Everick Davis Jr. /

      I think the fact that you remember the dunks that Blake did kind of proves my point. I won’t disagree with you about the difficulty of Griffins dunks or Demar Derozens dunk, but more so what I was saying is the contest was interesting. They had a big star in it at the time and won it very controversially. The last two didn’t feature anybody that people wanted to see.

      Having stars in the dunk contest or at least interesting dunkers (ex. Nate Robinson) is a huge part of the contest in gaining interest. It would be cool to see more creative dunks but really what else can the human body do that we haven’t seen before lol. I think its good that we have rising stars in the contest this year, overall.

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