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Top 5 NFL Transactions So Far

5. San Francisco’s D adds Nnamdi Asomugha

San Francisco is going to be a threat for the ring this year as well. Their offense will be better relaxed with a stable QB and their defense has always been strong. Asomugha, an All Pro cornerback, will be entering that group. He has been known for being a lockdown corner, but his time with the Eagles was nothing, but awful. We will see how the 49ers will use his talent and if his image, as an all-pro corner, will return.

4. Flacco Resigns

Joe Flacco wins the Super Bowl and comes home to a lump sum of cash with a 6 year contract. This huge contract solidifies Joe Flacco as the Raven’s franchise quarterback for at least 6 years. This forces the Raven’s offense to mold around Joe Flacco and his game. Let’s see if more Super Bowls can come from this.

3. Reed Enters the Texans D with a Healthy Cushing

The Texans Defense will definitely be in the lead for the Best defense next year. Brian Cushing will be healthy, JJ Watt will be fresh off a DPOTY (Defensive Player of the Year) award, and Ed Reed will be added to the squad. Ed Reed, one of the best Strong Safeties to ever play the game will bring leadership skills and experience to the team. The Texans D are full of young stars and Reed will help to mold them into possibly the best Defense to ever play the game, possibly even better than Reed’s old team (Raven’s Defense of the 2000s).

2. Welker with Manning and Amendola with Brady

The battle between the better QB has been a long time, heavily watched fight, between Brady and Peyton Manning. Wes Welker has been Brady’s receiver for about 3 years now and now Brady must mesh with his new #1 threat. Welker and Amendola both have the same skill, which will make it easier for Brady. The big thing is the destination of Amendola, on Manning’s receiver set. Peyton Manning will have the strongest WR set in the NFL next season. It will be great to see how D-backs match up with great WRs and one of the best QBs of all time.

1. Harvin to the Seahawks

The Seahawks are probably the most feared team coming into the 2013 season. The addition of Percy Harvin gives Russel Wilson, a mobile quarterback, an even more mobile receiver. The only thing missing from the Seahawks team is a solid WR, and here they have it.

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