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What Matt Barkley Could Mean for the Eagles

What Matt Barkley Could Mean for the Eagles

Apr 29, 2013

What could drafting Matt Barkley mean to the Philadelphia Eagles? That is the question that I asked my diehard Eagle’s fan/coworker. Philadelphia will be very top heavy at the quarterback position; now that the Eagles have Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon, and Matt Barkley. So what was my coworker’s response…

This pick is great for the Philadelphia Eagles since starting quarterback, Michael Vick is injury prone which means that they will need a strong QB to fill the slot. Matt Barkley is not a running QB, but an accurate one. He has the capability to complete big plays if he has the protection from the offensive line; which was a big problem for the Eagles last year.

For every positive there is a negative. With that being said, Barkley can contribute to the Eagle’s passing game if the offensive line does its job but on the other end, Barkley isn’t a threat as far as the running game goes whereas Vick and McCoy are a dual treat.

The cons to Barkley’s arrival with the Eagles is that Chip Kelly, the new coach, loves an offense that runs and has speed. In other words Matt Barkley is not a mobile QB. And with today’s plays, speed is everything.

Only time will tell on the offensive line…with a new coach in town he can move his team in a different direction, forming a new game plan.

-Baller Chick

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