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Who Will Win the NFL’s NFC East Division?

Who Will Win the NFL’s NFC East Division?

Nov 12, 2013

We’re a little past the half way mark in the NFL season. Teams that are really nice are proving it in the win column and teams that aren’t that good are sitting at the end the standings. Of course there’s competition for the top spot in each division, I’m personally excited to see how things end in the AFC West division between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos but one conference still hasn’t divided the top dogs from the low tier.

If you read the title then you already know I’m talking about the NFC division. You the division that features some of the most recognizable teams in the NFL. Even if you don’t know crap about football you have most definitely heard of the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles, or the Washington Redskins. What makes the NFC East race so interesting is that after 10 weeks there is no clear winner, each team has a pretty equal chance of winning.

Here’s how the division sits now:
Dallas Cowboys 5-5
Philadelphia Eagles 5-5
NY Giants 3-6
Washington Redskins 3-6

To put it simply, none of these teams have been better than mediocre this season. Somebody has to win but who.

Maybe the Eagles are better with Nick Foles running the show? Maybe they can break away from the pack with the games they have left being against mostly mediocre teams? Maybe their defense stops being nonexistent? I won’t nah, not the Eagles, sorry.

Alright what about the Redskins? They were at this point last season with an identical record, and finished on top of the division. I haven’t heard much of Robert Griffin III so I’m going to assume that’s a bad thing. So lets go ahead and leave the Skins out, we’ll at least more now.

That’s leaves the Giants and the Cowboys. I just can’t find it in me to give it to the Giants as they’ve been the most dreadful of these teams. I’m calling the bluff on their little run. With their defense the way it is and Eli Manning not playing elite, that’s a no on the Giants.

Oh crap, I just realized the Cowboys are the last team left. Welp you know what I’m sticking with it. Even though their defense is horrid, Tony Romo plays like a star when he wants too. This guy is so inconsistent it drives America crazy but I feel like he’ll lead the team to a few more wins than the rest of these teams. Plus he has Dez Bryant and that’s a really good thing. Now that I say this I bet Romos going to screw up like always.

Whatever I’m sticking with the Cowboys for this one, but what do you guys think?

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