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Will Floyd Mayweather Ever Lose?

Will Floyd Mayweather Ever Lose?

Sep 18, 2013

As we all saw a few nights ago, Floyd “Money” Mayweather win his fight against the much younger Canelo Alvarez. Floyd didnt just win the fight but he pretty much whopped dude’s butt. This is nothing new as this guy is freaking undefeated. He has won each and every fight he’s participated in and he’s done over 40 bouts. It makes you wonder what’s in this guy’s wheaties?

In a fight where he should of atleast had a little bit of trouble, Mayweather completely dominated. It makes you start to think will Floyd Mayweather ever lose a fight in a boxing ring? Is there realistically anyone that can beat him? Is he the greatest boxer of all time?

All this guy does is win and get money. You would think with his huge celebrity status in recent years that his production would fall off a bit, but he’s still as sharp as ever. Still cocky, still bustin’ his opponent’s behind, and still taking home wins. He may not be the greatest fighter to ever do it, but I’ll say he’s the greatest fighter of this generation, hands down! Who can take this guy out? Probably nobody as the guy is 36 and it still hasnt happened.

The only thing that needs to happen now, is for Mayweather to finally fight and beat Manny Pacquiao. This has been a long time coming and it needs to happen. If anybody is to take out Mayweather, it would Pacquiao. Even with the losses he’s taking we all know this guy can box. Just image how much money the both of them would make off of that fight. If Pacquiao wins he would stop a legacy, if Floyd wins then well, we could all just say I told you so. He’s pretty much accomplished everything else so why not, right?

It is said that the only thing that could probably slow down Pretty Boy Floyd is Father Time, but I think if Father Time tried he would get hit with a nasty two piece then fall back. It’s already been stated he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter out there. From the punches thrown to the defense, this guy is unstoppable. Can anybody take down the king? I doubt it.

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